1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz 🛒

1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz

1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz 🛒

1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz 🛒

Member @kelvinhe requested that STMers roast his Shopify store…“PLZ”.

He’s been building it for about 2 months full time.

“I have not been profitable and have only made a couple of sales. My conversion rate is poo.

And oh boy did he get roasted by some legendary STMers.

@jack_l reveals why the 2 products @kilvinhe’s running don’t convert at all (hint: they’re on native traffic) and how he can 10x his conversion rate.

Then an old-school legend dropped by, Mr. Charles Ngo, and gave 7 super precise tips on improving credibility.

>> Go check @kelvinhe’s store and either give…or borrow feedback <<

[SPONSORED] Popunder Traffic Myths Finally Debunked

1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz 🛒
So, popunder ads are dead and the traffic sucks, right? But how come we still see it all over the internet?

At PropellerAds, we’re pretty curious as well, so we’ve conducted a bit of research to find some answers – and our results will blow your mind!

(Spoiler Alert: We have a gift for you to download!!!)

Okay, are you one of those who believe in these Popunder myths?

Let’s debunk some common myths:

Myth #1: Popunder Traffic Has Poor Quality – The best way to disprove this myth is to look at the number of world-class advertisers are still working with this format (Spoiler: sooo many).

Myth #2: This Ad Format Isn’t Effective – Also not true, and you’ll see that when you download the PDF.

Myth #3: It’s Super Intrusive – Seriously now? Have you seen unskippable video ads?

At PropellerAds, we’ve worked with popunders for almost a decade now, and we’re completely sure that this format is alive and kickin’.

If you hear an affiliate talking bad about popunders, there’s a strong chance they’ve never even tried this awesome format.

Below, take a sneak peek at stats you can find inside our FREE PDF:

  • Top countries including India, Brazil, the USA, Indonesia, the UK, and France

  • 830M+ impressions in India alone

  • Average CPM for the top 5 countries is $0.63

  • Average conversion rates as high as 1.02% in some areas

  • 5.72 billion mobile device impressions per month


Ready to Get Started with Popunder Traffic?

Download our Popunder Traffic: Benchmarks & Market Trends 2021 Report and see the numbers for yourself.


You Run Youtube Ads?

1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz 🛒

Here’s a slightly olde thread recently resurrected.

An STMer asking for a buncha great resources to learn Youtube ads.

The primary recommendation seems to be Tom Breeze (YT channel) and his corresponding courses.

@wakeboarder a few more great resources worth checking out.

>> Go here if you want to learn Youtube ads <<

Can’t Scale on Outbrain?

1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz 🛒

This STMer has their own ecom offer and they’ve successfully scaled Taboola to 15+ Tier 1 and Tier 2 GEOs.

However, Outbrain turned out to be a different story entirely.

From the proven GEOs, 20% turned out to be instant home runs with $0.80+ EPCs.

30% needed **major optimizations.

And 50% of geos barely convert at all.

This thread received some super in-depth replies from @platinum from The Optimizer and local native wizard @jack_l.

>> Go here if you want to learn of the inner workings of Taboola and Outbrain’s algorithms <<