Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business during COVID-19

Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business during COVID-19

I’ve fielded SO many queries about how to start an affiliate marketing business since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started, that I feel the need to come out of my 5-year retirement.

So many of you who have contacted me, have lost your jobs or are on an indeterminate layoff due to the pandemic and are looking for ways to make money online quickly and thinking that affiliate marketing is the way to do that.

I SO feel for you and sincerely want you to find a way to augment and improve your income to lessen the effects this pandemic has had on your livelihoods.

I KNOW that the unemployment $600 a week Coronavirus ‘booster shot’ will hardly take care of your family, especially if you get the virus and don’t have health insurance. Covid-19 treatment costs are absolutely crushing.

Sadly, even that money is coming to an end soon as Republicans have opposed extending the policy, who argue that the benefit, which leaves many people making more than they did while working, deters employees from going back to work.

Of course, returning to work is an impossible prospect for many Americans who do not receive hazard pay or guaranteed sick leave during the pandemic.

So, having said all that, my first caution to you is… PLEASE don’t rush to buy (waste your money on) an affiliate marketing educational product or any other product that internet marketers are pushing that promises you’ll make money online quickly.

Right now, Internet marketing ‘sharks’ are preying upon the needy in spades.

For example, some will try to sell you a $60 PLR package through the Warrior Forum that you can either use to beef up the content on your website or that you can sell to others. The merchant will sell 500 of those packages and make $30,000 from that launch, yet none of their buyers will ever earn a penny from that purchase, because that PLR content will never reach Page 100 on Google, let alone Page 1 on Google.

Seriously, making a living from an Internet business has NEVER been quick or easy, and I’ve never, in my 20+ years doing business online and teaching affiliate marketing ever suggested that was the case.

When I started my Internet marketing business, I was working a full-time job as an air traffic controller and working another 100 hours per week on my business. I studied and worked and worked and worked some more.

By doing exactly that, I became successful, making ~$500,000US per year, which is why I’ve been in retirement for the last 5 years (not to mention that I’ve had to deal with 2 cancers in the last year AND dealing with another ‘pre-cancer’ right now as I write this).

So, DO NOT BUY into the ‘get rich quick’ B.S. marketers are trying to sell you now.

Learn something about affiliate marketing and KNOW that it will take time.

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business, research those who have been successful, i.e. food, mommy, lifestyle and other bloggers. THEY work hard and deserve every dollar they earn.

Find your niche and work it for all its worth.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the U.S. on November 3rd vote out the nefarious elements in your society, that kill public education (in an effort to make people stupid) and those who don’t advocate for universal healthcare. NO ONE should have to pay for ANY services related to COVID-19, unless they’ve been terribly stupid and refused to socially distance and refuse to wear a mask in public, i.e. they WANTED to get the disease and pass it on to their friends and family and cause tens of thousands of additional deaths and keep the U.S. economy shut down for months and months longer than need be.

Just sayin’.


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