1 Quick Trick To Make Your Professional Pictures Look Amateur

On a number of traffic sources, and with a variety of niches, amateur pictures perform better than professional ones. However, sometimes it just easier to find professional-looking pictures. I have recently been using this easy trick to make some of my more professional pictures look a little more amateur.

The trick?

Blur your images!

Take a look at a few examples:

I think a few reasons explain why these images perform better:

  1. Less ‘crisp’ = less professional – Professional photography is very high resolution and very clear and crisp. Using images that appear to be amateur can help you relate better with your audience in certain markets.
  2. Makes people wonder – In the blurred picture in the upper left, it’s hard to see their facial features. For dating, this can be a goldmine as people are clicking to see more or see what the people ‘actually’ look like.
  3. Can drive focus to a specific part of the picture – In the picture in the upper right, I blurred the background but did not blur the couple. This brings focus to the couple in the image. Try this on other types of images to draw interest to a specific part!

Remember, amateur images don’t perform better in EVERY niche. Two niches I know for sure this works well on: Dating and mobile.

Go make some money!

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