176% ROI in Thailand Nutra with MGID Native Ads

Hey hey. Today we’re having a quick case study from a campaign an affiliate (who’s not willing to publish his name) ran earlier this year.

The campaign is focused on the SE Asia market (Thailand) and it ran on MGID’s native ads. If you’re not familiar with native ads, have a look at my review here.

Basically, this was a Nutra offer and those tend to run well on Native and Social traffic. The affiliate focused on MGID since they allow this type of offer and also they have good amounts of volume in zones like SE Asia and LATAM.

Lastly, you can sign as an advertiser at MGID and get a 25% bonus in your first deposit (up to $5,000) if you sign up through my link and contact your manager.

That said, let’s start with the case study!

MGID case study - 25% bonus

Hi, I am an affiliate and I have six years of experience doing traffic arbitrage on FB. I worked with different verticals and CPA Networks all over the world. One day I received a letter from Indoleads that they are MGID‘s partners and give a 25% bonus on the first deposit. I have been thinking about Native advertising for a long time and decided that this is a golden opportunity to start.

Once I filled out my contact details, a manager contacted me. After a short call, the manager shared with me the information about high-converting verticals and GEOs in the world (they call it “Top Risers”). From these inputs, I saw that Health Products were working well in Thailand, with a perfect increase in demand and the amount of traffic. 

The overall advice list looked like this:

  • Brazil – Personal Finance, Business, and Investing
  • Thailand – Healthy Living, Shopping
  • Germany – Technology and Computing
  • Colombia – Healthy Living, Family, and Relationships
  • Romania – Weight loss, Health & Beauty offers
  • Viet Nam – Events and Attraction
  • Indonesia – Healthy Living

First steps

I was particularly interested in the Thailand region, so from that, I could move to choose an offer. I decided not to go far and opted for the proven by time Joint Product offer. It was compatible with the native and all other conditions seemed to be perfect.

With the offer, I returned to my manager. As we discussed the creatives for this offer, he offered their standard bonus services — a few options would be created by the MGID creative department. He clarified that these would be provided exclusively by local creative writers in Thailand.

I didn’t expect this, but it’s cool because campaigns in new geos have to be properly localized for the local audiences. Not everybody, but a resident can make the most relevant and working creatives.

I advise you to launch different campaigns for mobile and desktop traffic. This distinction will help you understand and optimize your campaigns later on. The average CPC for Thailand is 5 cents, however, you don’t need to look at the average price because there’s no need to use Premium Publishers for this particular offer.

I discussed my bid with the MGID support and was advised to put no more than 4 cents. So I bet 3.4 and got enough traffic without overpaying per click. If we talk about pre-landers, for this offer I would advise you to use white-hat prelanders like a medical article:

MGID case study - Thailand Landing Pages

Special tools and features by MGID

On the MGID platform, there are a few interesting tools that you can and should use as you set the campaign targeting:

  • MGID allows A/B testing of creatives and pre-landers.
  • MGID enabled some advanced tracking options, such as a symlink integration that allows you to set up tracking in 1 click with Voluum, HasOffers, Kochava, Cake, Adsbridge, and other popular tracking systems.
  • Advertisers can change the price not only for individual teasers (on most other platforms, the price changes only on a campaign level) but also for different regions and publishers’ IDs
  • From my experience, I can recommend going for the full-service option, which guarantees a dedicated Account Manager.
  • Inside your dashboard, you can find a handy tool – traffic insights. With it, you can preliminary estimate what MGID can do and how much it will cost.
  • For your convenience, you can also find the Price Recommendation Feature. It calculates the actual CPC by analyzing your ad campaign before you put it into the rotation.

Ads rotation

For the desktop campaign, MGID made ten creatives for me, and we launched a test. It took four days and I spent about $520. From this test, I brought out two best creatives, which showed excellent performance in the cut of the rest. For payback, the maximum price per conversion threshold was $4, but these teasers exceeded my expectations and showed the following results in the end:

MGID case study - Thailand Creatives

Campaign results

When I was filling in the campaign details in the dashboard my eCPA was $2.70 and after I got Avg. CPA of the campaign $2.17 I was pretty impressed.

MGID case study - Thailand Stats

I have asked my account manager about the optimization process and after the discussion, I highlighted a few important points:

  • Refresh your content at least every 3-4 days, depending on the scale
  • Keep a close eye on individual placement performance and make sure to utilize MGID’s selective bidding to adjust prices per placement based on eCPA
  • Start off the campaign optimization by adjusting the placement bids based on your landing page CTR and then move on with eCPI/eCPA optimization after at least 2-3 days
  • It’s highly recommended to pause any underperforming content (ads) only after at least 5-7 days of serving
  • Make sure to create individual campaigns for each device, e.g running desktop/mobile/tablet separately;

Final thoughts

I cannot but note that with an account manager, I managed to achieve a 176% ROI. Even though I had no experience with native advertising, the manager has helped me figure it out from creating an advertising campaign to getting good results.

Don’t hesitate to ask your manager everything you are interested in, you will be provided with lots of useful tips and tricks that will help you to gain your best results from choosing an offer to receiving payouts.

Remember you can sign up as an advertiser at MGID and get a 25% bonus in your first deposit (up to $5,000) if you sign up through my link and contact your manager.

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