Creating a Survey Landing Page

Creating a Survey Landing Page

You are able to preview the landing page here or obtain the code here. The code will be the exact same as what David originally provided, however I did clean up the tab spacing a little to make it easier to read and edit.

It’s also worth noting the the template displayed above is mobile responsive like the one I supplied in my Bootstrap illustration .
You can see the template includes a wonderful huge headline, a smaller headline, a few paragraphs of data (such as a countdown timer if you want to use it) and then the questions that setup the last section with a nice major call to actions.

I’ve made many versions of the landing page, however I believed it’d be interesting to share one of those versions I had been working to give you a good concept of the modifications you can do into the template over if you get creative with it.
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When I first stayed with a questionnaire landing page, it was to get an offer called SeniorSoulmates. I was profitable on my campaign directly linking, but chose to attempt and boost my ROI. My results were better, once I started with a survey lander.
The poll page has been around quite a very long time. My first encounter with it was with PPV traffic back in 2009. It has evolved quite a bit since then, however it is still a strategy employed by several affiliate marketers.
In conclusion, if you’re not testing survey landing pages, then you need to!  Set one up and give it a go. Allow me to know if you have any queries.

A questionnaire landing page is a landing page that presents them and asks the visitor a few questions. In most cases, responses and the queries don’t even matter to the marketer. The objective is to get the consumer engaged with all the landing page and possibly answering yes to questions to get their mindset optimistic towards stating yes into our call to action.

This article was released on October 16, 2015 however has been updated in 2018.

You ’ll wish to change all of the text and images to match the offer you are currently promoting.

The use at the moment for the poll page is probably with relationship and mature offers. I have been using it a long time because of my efforts that were dating on push and native telling traffic resources.

Mature Soulmates Example

My friend David at AffPlaybook posted a template that was totally free on his blog years that I’ve been using ever since.
I’m not advocating this entire landing page is copied by you to be clear. Don’t hesitate to use it for inspiration on how to modify your landing page however.