I Confess…I’m A Link Junkie

Bio: Brandon Hopkins blogs, tweets and enjoy building hyperlinks. Brandon is!
Because there are made, I spend a larger proportion of my time building links that the ideal link builders are currently utilizing. Who will be the link builders? You probably think which you might know by title. For mepersonally, those people are Jim Boykin and Aaron Wall. But, those are the people who you know of since they have a existence. In my opinion, the entire world ’s link builders won’t ever be known by name, and here’therefore the reason why.
That’s the key here. Their links are clearly working, if they’re ranking for stipulations, and you can do the exact same. Find their hyperlinks, and you also ll find the key to making affiliate sales!

When I began building links, most people cared about the greatest links such as DMOZ. Following DMOZ slowed their acceptance procedure many firms like Best of the Web Directory (Established 1996) and Ezilon Web Directory (Established 1996) started offering paid directory entry. I had been all over those hyperlinks, and I am.


You definitely know something personally, if you know me. I m a hyperlink building junkie. I enjoy building links, connections that are excellent , bad links, no follow links, I adore all of them. My links are the ones that nobody else is getting. The simplest links are those that everyone is getting.
Earth class link builders know what they’re doing. I don’t only mean that they know how to construct hyperlinks, they understand how to build huge connections while remaining beneath the radar. They can build 10,000 hyperlinks each day and get high positions for a whole lot of good keywords and phrases, not long tail materials.
If you were able to rank for almost any keyword, what could you concentrate on? You’d probably focus on the top paying keyword right? Where the link contractors that are best do the job that ’ s. They rank for “cheap Viagra”, “Mesothelioma lawyers”, “data recovery”, “secured loans”, etc.. You may easily find those links and replicate them, if you understand where someone is working to build connections.

When I realized that, my question was How do I find these folks, and how can I build those links? ” The response is straightforward, study the best to learn from the ideal. Where do you locate the planet ’s connection builders? Follow the money.