My July 2014 Online Income Report

My July 2014 Online Income Report

July 2014 online income report

Here is the overview of my July 2014 Online Income Report
Therefore I went to Amazon’s website and began looking for women’s shoes. I only selected shoes which had a 4 star rating or greater and were priced around $100.
In July I made $281.25 from builder work with my previous employer.

If you know anything about you, you realize that I really like to travel. I enjoy the adventures of visiting new places, cultures, food and ways of living. I am only at 66 countries.
The ad send them straight to Amazon when they clicked it. When someone buys I get a commissions. After much testing I discovered I found success with easy advertisements that revealed multiple goods and a buy button. No additional text on the advertisement. Here’s an ad that I ran for Women’s Purses.

After coming off my really successful first month of becoming jobless I had been expecting things to move just as well if not better in my next month. It had been considerably better but only if you don’t use dollars earned as the barometer of success.

By advertising my Graphics Kit in these types of classes I was able to acquire over 220 individuals to my email list.

My primary product has been my Amazon Affiliate Bible. I have sold nearly 800 copies of this because it was established.
RogueFitness promotion

I will make this short and sweet. I make adsense on several of my website with the most prominent web site being my iHvacZone.

Contractor Work


In July I was able to go on an adventure packed 6 day trip with my mum and younger sister to the north west part of america. Really we visited 13 countries and DC in 6 times while traveling nearly 1,800 milesper hour As an example being able to pack up and leave and go travel with my family when I need is your barometer I utilize for success and for that reason July was quite profitable.
So for several times I went through and pulled these courses from present lesson plans and set up brand new classes.
In July I got $1,421.06 out of Affiliate Marketing


This is how I have started with making money online. This is the very best way I know of for somebody to get started now making money online.

$89.10 Giveaways

With my recent travels in July I mainly neglected sending emails to my listing. I was sending emails every 3 days but fell by the wayside in July.

In July I got just $430.00 from mail advertising.
$1,421.06 Affiliate Marketing
In July I got $648.28 from promoting Amazon via Facebook Advertising.
In my mind the ideal approach to be successful on the internet is to always adapt and learn new abilities. You can then use those new skills to generate new revenue streams.

Now that I have built up an email list I am starting to monetize that listing. Rather than sending them solo advertisements that people purchase from me I am sending them links to merchandise which I’m an affiliate.
The next advancement in my playing in the sandbox was to build an email list. I have a post demonstrating how I made a considerably targeted list using Facebook advertisements .

I’m members of over a dozen programs via both of these networks and that I promote all of them.
I Bought both of Donald Wilson’s paths FB Architect and FB Advertising Illegal Reloaded.
I started earning money online with affiliate marketing. I’d promote somebody else’s product in return for obtaining a commission whenever I produced a purchase.

Product Sales

Facebook Advertising

Using Facebook Ads to promote Amazon

If you use Photoshop, I include layered PSD files for you to edit. I include PNG files, if you use another graphics program.
I recently ran several diverse ads for Rogue Fitness. Here is one of those advertisements I ran.
$281.25 Contractor Function
For the last few months I have been learning Facebook ads. I have used it to market affiliate products, drive visitors to my website and build an email list.
It is possible to get my free Graphics Kit here.
I’ve just been running those ads for a couple weeks but I have had some wonderful success despite the 24 hour cookie cutter that Amazon provides.

My next step I talked about over in boosting Amazon products. This lets me promote Amazon without needing to worry about getting a traditional website rated.
I don’t mind helping out whenever they want it.
With all these different approaches I’m seeing quite a little success using Facebook Advertising.
In contrast to June my income in July fell $2,743.42.

I spent a couple of days helping out again at my previous employer Aaron’s Inc.. I was the key person responsible for putting new training classes to our Learning Management System (LMS).
Most individuals would be very disappointed with that fall in earnings but I am not. Like I mentioned earlier the opportunity to pack up and move on a crazy travel adventure with my household was worth greater than the fall in income.
When I was working at Aaron’s I would have had no holiday time available and would not have been in a position to make this trip. The simple fact I managed to go on such a trip is how I define success in July.

I gather an extremely cool squeeze page using LeadPages for people to opt-in to get my free Graphics Kit.
With my work with Facebook Ads I have generated a big email list. This was one of the principal reasons I only moved all my email lists from Aweber into GetResponse.
The best way to control your destiny is to create your own products. There is no better information I can give to anybody interested in earning money on the internet.
I had determined that when I was planning to drift away from my day job, I promised I would not take any excursions for the first 6 weeks. The rationale is I would have a good measure of how much I could earn each month before incurring any significant expenses.
The final thing I needed to do was to get over my mind in debt by incurring major expenses. It only took approximately 5 weeks to the desire for safety to really go out the window and then take off on my very first travel excursion in July.
I spent some time in putting with a completely free graphics package as my giveaway. It has almost 60 Megs of graphics.

In July I earned 47.71 from Book Royalties from Amazon.
So the very first thing I wondered was that these 2 queries:
I took the pictures of 8 different sneakers and put them in a Facebook Ad. I then ran the ad to women aged 34-44 who were wed and college educated. I then conducted multiple ads and struck only women meeting this criteria in Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.
Since I have been working with Facebook Advertising I refer back to this material in both classes. If you want to know about Facebook Ads without paying 1k for a class then you need to definitely check out the FB Architect course. It just costs $1 initially to get into it and examine the material and you billed I believe $97/mth for two months after that. But if you wish to get into a path for just $1 you should check out this course.


In July I earned $2,407.81 out of Facebook Advertising.
They also had some accounts classes that needed to be updated so that they were removing all the current account classes from all of the learning plans. We have a separate learning plan for every position within our retail shops, corporate, franchise, and national service centre, and support centres.

I approached owners of Facebook Groups which they had made for people who’d bought their merchandise. All these individuals had products that required the use of images in implementing the plan they provided.

Because you can read above I use Facebook Ads as ways to promote other folks ’s products.
I learned from both classes. Thought the $997 price for FB Ads Cracked Reloaded is out of many people’s price points. I discovered the class provided many videos that he released prior to the instruction.

$47.71 Book Royalties

After viewing advertisements from different companies in my newsfeed, I chose to apply my new found understanding of Facebook ads to something I understand quite well – Amazon Affiliate.

$648.28 Promoting Amazon using Facebook Ads
The only time I check in my AdSense revenue is every month when completing my monthly income report.

In July I earned $476.00 in the earnings of my own products.
Every month I do absolutely zero work on promoting my books on Amazon yet they continue to market each and each month.
It takes you to be technical to control the LMS and not one of my co-workers have a technical bent. So together with the evolution of numerous new courses they called me to help install these courses.

  1. Which sex is more inclined to go shopping?
  2. What one item would they buy when they go shopping

Online affiliate Marketing

Lately with the changes in Google it’s become harder and harder to get websites that promote Amazon products ranking. That has cut in my income stream I have received from Amazon.

The traditional way of building a list is to give away something in exchange for someone’s email address.
Back in July I made $89.10 from Giveaways.

Facebook Advertising is my existing sandbox of knowledge. I am learning many diverse tactics to promote different items on Facebook.

I made an abysmal sequence to email the listing on a program. Because of this I ended up earning commission when an individual purchased a product that I referenced in the email sequence.
$476.00 Product Revenue

I lately watched advertisements from businesses such as Wayfair advertisements outside patio furniture and hot tubs. I started me thinking I could do the same thing.
Success is doing what you would like to do, if you want, where you would like, with whom you desire, as much as you desire.

My answers to the questions were female and Shoes (followed closely with bags ). Allow me to know if you had a different response this.

I keep saying every month and I am likely to need to replicate it again this month: This will be the most hands off way of earning income every month.

By blending Facebook Ads with Amazon affiliate ” I was able to create a new revenue stream on my own.

Novel Royalties

I took my power and applied it to Facebook Ads originally. In case you missed it check out my post showing step by step how I used Facebook Ads to market affiliate products.

Promoting Amazon with Facebook Ads

Tony Robbins states it best when describing exactly what success is.

You don’t need to restrict yourself to boosting other people’s merchandise that discuss earning money on the internet. It is possible to promote other affiliate programs like Amazon and Rogue physical fitness .
$5,807.12 July 2014 Online Income Report Total

I ran this ad on Facebook targeting individuals in high school and school that have been to strength training. This was a extremely targeted audience. Because of this I ended up becoming quite a few sales from this advertisement. I spent less than $15 with this advertisement and made nearly 8x that at commissions.