A Year In South East Asia

This time I remained in Georgetown, that had far more going on — along with a few dividing chicken biryanis. We found plenty of good food and a few intriguing Japanese bars that reminded me how far I don’t miss life ahead of the smoking ban in bars and clubs.

Lowlight was getting an exceptional example of the shits in the previous day — together using 15 hours to burn off between resort checkout and boarding our flight.
This blog has — at times — descended into farce because I’ve tried to justify my leaping about: moving to Thailand, moving back to London, moving to America, not moving to America, moving back to Thailand, etc.


You may build the royal buildings on earth; but you may ’t buy character.

Later Breakfast
Fat bastard.
Ahead Lunch



My girlfriend summed up Hong Kong flawlessly: the Clapham of all South East Asia.

It felt just like a Bangkok of 20 decades ago.

Hong Kong

Along with also the Gary Glitter types congregated around the pool.

Hong Kong Victoria Peak

Vientiane, Laos

Packed with history, character, and the guffaws of all yuppies.

The city has lots of British-style architecture as remnants of its colonial past. A great place to walk round with beautiful Victorian style weather.
Here is the session to get detailed mails, or phone calls, or even follow-ups. It’s where I assess the job from my team and supply feedback or new directions. I’ll also carry out research to support the remainder of my phases.

Unfortunately, I spent all this time patching into BBC Sport to keep up with this cricket.
Stunningly flawed in so many ways, and still an wonderful place to live.

(I purposefully didn’t shave for the whole holidayseason )
There are a number of nice temples, cheap markets and also a gigantic fuck-off river with some history of it. All things someone with just a little culture might appreciate.
In the English street names, to the ‘little green man’ at crossings, to the entire swathes of downtown Hong Kong which sense like London pitched on a steep incline and ridden of its kebab shops and pissheads.

I find my body and mind naturally crash after dinner, so this is a good chance to crack out Spotify and cruise through the afternoon with a string of simple wins.
It’s almost a rite of passage for devote a shit four times in Laos.

Would I recommend a trip to Vientiane?
11:00 to 12:45
Creativity Phase

The best of my entire life.

I divide the day into four periods:

After we’ve eaten, I still ’ll evaporate to a different coffee shop and then enter the longest period of the day:

2015 pic 1

You wonder what the doorman’so believing as he sees the cash change handsas he grabs you mutter: “Here, tomorrow, at 3? Don’t be late — we all ’ve got a flight to catch. ”
The tiny items add up to your daily routine that suits my lifestyle perfectly.
We stayed in a hotel that I later found was busted for child trafficking. This mute point hasn’t influenced its lofty standing on Trip Advisor, that says a good deal about the contest.

In Addition, I divide my work in to four different ‘phases’:
(Yes, I’ve managed to connect eating to literally what I do.)
Here is the stuff I want to do this doesn’t occupy any significant brainpower.

So here are some ideas on the areas I’ve visited recently:
Sooner or later between 6 to 7pm, I’ll head home to the pool or the fitness center.

My irrepressible rumbling gut guarantees that I get through this workout quickly.
I didn’t actually know what to expect.

Last MarchI offered (or gave away) 95 percent of my possessions and moved to Bangkok together with my girlfriend and two little dogs.

Next stop is back to London to find friends and family in April.

Here I’ll take on handling tasks such as briefing my team, responding to emails, monitoring jobs, and viewing the tendencies of campaigns. I’ll analyze my scorecard (KPIs) of their prior day’so stats, which gives a breakdown of performance across my whole company.

Like any visa runner understands a year in Thailand is ample opportunity to research your local surroundings.
And ran away.
I assign any tasks which don’t need major decision imagination or making to my Autopilot stage.
Among the things that I learnt when I transferred back in Thailand in 2011 was while you overlook people, obviously, the pang doesn’t warrant relocating 5000 miles just to be permanently ‘close ’ them.

We’re staying in Thailand for at least another year.


  • The food is great
  • The place is inspiring
  • The weather is glorious
  • I have a pool and gym

…Then I go outside for supper, usually together along with my girlfriend.
Back in London, I couldn’t function in the morning before I’d conquered my Everyday routine:

I’m publishing a new volume of Premium Posts following month, which is very likely to be the last post on FinchSells.com, along with my last ‘people ’ contribution to the affiliate industry.

We should have known better.
Even the War Remnants Museum was well worth a trip for its (one-sided) accounts of America’s offenses during the Vietnam conflict.

Balancing Function and Bangkok


Thailand: 12 Seconds On

I didn’t see much of Penang in my final visit.
It’s still fun, therefore we’re still here.

With a nervous fart, I’d assault the afternoon.

I wouldn’t want the experience — the profound lack of emptiness — in my worst enemy.
Our aim was to spend 12 months in Asia and now ‘see the way we felt in the end of it’. If it wasn’t enjoyable anymore, we’kindly proceed back home.

Fucking painful.

Strategies for 2016

The fare started bouncing upwards in a couple of minutes, resulting in a classically British display of anger: politely requesting to pull whilst publicly discussing just how much to pay the scammer.
In Actuality, it’s been so long since I last updated this Website, I’m jeopardized by my strapline:

I finally have two pomodoros to control through production associated work. This may be making campaign fluctuations, preparing sites, tweaking landing pages, or — most often — split testing advertisement mixtures.
The walk home is a fantastic opportunity to emotionally reset.
The place reeks of cashed up mainlanders gallivanting for the weekend. The majority of these in Man United shirts and tour collections of 80.

Quality time together is much better compared to the false comfort of knowing someone is 5 miles away and yet nevertheless not seeing them.


In Thailand?

A neon lit sprawl of mental traffic, bedraggled tourists and a thousand coffee shops.

I love to limit the window to just one hour since this work is very easy to conflate into half a day if you give it the opportunity.


My highlight was playing pitch and putt, at the rain, on the roof of their Venetian. It frees up my general opinion of Macau: “OK cool, I really don ’t understand why you’ve assembled this, but OK trendy. ”

1:00 to 2:00
Execution / Production Phase

It’s stunning country.
I’m a 28 year-old high school dropout.
I assign them like this:

Penang, Malaysia

I find it easy to experience ‘stream ’ in the morning — in coffee stores — so I use the chance to strike any task that requires my full concentration.
Autopilot work.

This routine led me to a moment of flicker at about 10:25am once I’d suddenly think, “Shit, hold on, am I not likely to become … working on campaigns? ”
(So it’ll be a bloody good one)
I anticipated the British/Chinese fusion, however it’s irresistible yet.

3:00 to 7:00
Autopilot Stage

Strategies For This Blog?

ran 2
Before I tear up this site forever, here’s an update on which I’ve been, what I’m working on, and also how I’m surviving in South East Asia.
The Principal gains I have in Bangkok are:

I hope you have a good 2016!

Even though it doesn’t have a scrape on the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Cambodia, that is by far the most affecting war ministry that I’ve seen. The stench of death there gets under your skin and lives on in your fantasies.
Then, surprise suprise, I’m starving again.
After breakfast I input my imagination stage.

Could I follow this same pattern in London?

1 thing I’ve discovered is two hours is all you will need to achieve more effective work than many folks today manage in their whole week.

Not much has changed, except the spectacle as well as my choice of breakfast.
Whatever needs following up becoming assigned and scheduled.

Work is busy, life is great.

It’s ’s been some time.

Khao San Bangkok
When I’m writing, I will burst 2000 words within this period.
We used an agent to receive our visas revived while we were all here.

Following Lunch

Before Breakfast

I feel fitter and happier despite the utter insanity that passes as normal in Bangkok.

One of my most important concerns about moving to Asia was, “What’s likely to happen for my productivity? ”

I really enjoyed Vietnam.
My highlight was climbing Victoria Peak for one of the very scenic panoramic views of any town on earth.

“I’m a 26 year old high school dropout. ”
Between trips overseas, and seeing a variety of parts of Thailand, there comes the little problem of perform .

It was true two years ago.
Some of the areas that I plan to visit in 2016:

We left a enormous tourist mistake in dressing a cab parked up outside the museum. Of course, the meter was obviously likely to be rigged.

However, not before I found time to take this photo of this chancy prick:
There are times where I get nostalgic for a British bar, or even the predictability of Old England than the Thai Junta, however there’so no mistaking: our lifestyle out here is infinitely better than what we left behind.
Needing to share a platform with the candid thoughts of your far younger self is a good reason not to sustain a site for almost a decade.

Sure, just like that I ’d advocate shutting your chunks in a car window.
You know it’s funny year after you’re sitting at a hotel lobby, sporting sunglasses, waiting for Abdul ‘the runner’ to come and pick up your passport.

We eventually decided: nothing.

I wish I could do much a lot of this work, however it requires an intense attention the likes of that I am only able to muster for around two hours each day.

Macau mini golf

That is when I’ll carry out any composing (e.g. Premium Posts), lay out ad copy, and find solutions to problems in websites and campaigns I am working on.