Affiliate Marketing Training Update

I had intended to get a review of the product mentioned in the post on Affiliate Marketing Training up a bit earlier, but I wanted to fully evaluate it so I could give the most honest review possible. I’m writing that review right now and wanted to get it published today, but won’t be able to finish it because it’s huge.

I try to cover as much as possible in the review so you can decide if it’s worth adding it to your arsenal of tools and stuff for your online business. It’s worth it to me, I bought it and will be keeping it because there are some valuable things I’m learning and valuable tools I’m using.

There are also things I don’t like about it (I wasn’t making any friends in their forums with my first post), but the developers promise to make things better, so I’m sticking with it. Plus, there’s a couple of bonuses coming that I don’t want to miss and one of them promises to help in building links to your sites. That’s one of the most neglected facets of my business, link building, and I’ve only just started doing that on any worthwhile scale. So any tool that will help with that, I want it.

Anyway, the review isn’t done yet, but will be tomorrow sometime before noon. So, stay tuned.