Affiliate World Asia Bringing BACK Digital Marketing Labs

Last updated on November 14th, 2019 at 05:36 pm

It’s that amazing time of year again when everyone is trying to determine how productive or rewarding 2019 was and what more can fit into the last two months. However, this year is going to end on an amazingly positive note with the Affiliate World Conference 2019 in none other than the beautiful Bangkok!

Affiliate World Asia 2019

Affiliate World Asia is once again going to help businesses increase their return on investment tenfold with their dedicated labs and allow the world’s most prominent and top-ranked performance marketers and ecommerce entrepreneurs to network. Asia’s biggest digital marketing conference, Affiliate World Asia, is going to be open to all on December 4th-5th.

AWA Bangkok
AWA Bangkok

Every year the conference has over 3,000 attendees, more
than 110 advertisers, over 150 affiliate networks, and 30 plus speakers. Top-ranked
performance marketers speak at the event and provide valuable insights into
what’s hot and what’s not in the digital marketing world, giving attendees the
chance to accelerate their career and retain crucial contemporary information.

Every year the conference has over 3,000 attendees, more than 110 advertisers, over 150 affiliate networks, and 30 plus speakers

The networking opportunities, chance to mingle and mix
with top speakers, and the breezy weather is all very exciting, but the most
exciting part are the dedicated labs that Affiliate World is now bringing back!
These labs provide attendees and performance marketers the opportunity to experience
new technology and learn the hacks of contemporary digital marketing in a
hands-on workshop.

Which labs are going to be live at the conference? This
is where all the excitement is!

Meet me at #AWA2019 This december

VIP Retreat In Koh Samui

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Ad Buying and Creatives Lab

If you are a top digital marketer or aspiring to get
there, you already know that social media is one of the top guns in digital
advertising. You are also aware that Facebook is not only limited to a personal
social networking site anymore- it is now a world-renowned business platform.

This lab is going to include a Facebooks ads crash
course, telling you everything you need to know to scale a major business and
increase return on investment. It will thoroughly explain what businesses with
an 8-figure Facebook ad budget do to allocate their budget efficiently and h
make it work optimally to earn skyrocketing returns.

Three prominent speakers will be providing valuable
data-driven information at this lab. Here is who they are and what they are
going to be talking about:

Nick Shackelford–   Inside the Mind of Nick Shackelford, PLUS: Live Interactive Creative Contest

Savannah Sanchez – Machine Learning on Facebook: Is It Smarter Than a Seasoned Media Buyer?

Dimitri Nikolakakis – Scaling Systems: Pressure Testing $20K/Day Spend on our Advanced Ad Systems for the Annual Q1 Slam

Generation and Listing Lab

Generating leads is one of the most imperative parts
of digital marketing and it is also essential to convert these leads
appropriately and at the desired time- with minimal spend. This lab is going to
focus on list building, scaling, and the various creative development methods
that 8-figure lead generation experts use to enable their clients to earn
exponentially and continue to grow substantially.

Renowned experts have all the important information
you need. Top speakers at this workshop include:

Anthony Sarandrea – Owning the Customer: How I Built a $100K+ Per Day Lead Gen Business from Scratch

Joe Burton – The Perfect Funnel for List Building with Native Ads

Matt Diggity – The 6 Figure Flip Story: Flipping Your Web Property to a 14x Investment with Affiliate SEO

E-commerce Lab

E-commerce is a lucrative ingredient to business
models and there are several components that help enhance a business’s
ecommerce presence. This crash course covers Facebook, Google, and email
marketing and how a well-managed combination of all of these can scale a
business’s online earnings.

The lab also covers advanced paid advertising and
growth hacks that high-value ecommerce brands with 8-9 figure returns use.
Learn the best from the best!

Here are the renowned personalities who will be
speaking at the event:

The Tan Brothers & Angus Kong -What it Takes to Build a 9-Figure Ecommerce Empire

Alex Tshring – How We Built One of The Fastest Growing Brands in The U.S. with Facebook Ads

 Earnest Epps – How to Optimise Your Google Shopping Campaigns to Increase ROI and Minimise Costs

Besides these absolutely amazing labs that are
definitely going to help enhance career growth and disseminate knowledge, there
will also be an hour-long networking session surrounding the labs and numerous
networking opportunities on the exhibition floor. This is an opportunity like
no other where plenty of top performers will find opportunities to meet new
clients and scale their own business.

The big names at the event include representatives that have attended in the past include Alibaba, Shopify, Uber, Lyft, Audible, Spotify, Hulu, DoorDash, Wayfair, Trackr, Dollar Beard Club, Laybag, and several others.

Most of the attendees earn over $100,000 a month and are highly willing to join hands with other high performing marketers and/or share the tricks of the trade.

The benefits are unimaginable, and the event is also
full of the world’s best offers, promotions, and provides an invaluable look
into contemporary and futuristic digital marketing practices. If you are a top
performance marketer or aspiring to be one soon, this is a wonderful platform to
gain immense career acceleration.

Affiliate World Asia 2019 Parties

Day Zero ( 3 December 2019)

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Affiliates Only – NO NETWORKS AM’s! NA Provided After RVSP Approval Click Here
5:30 PM – 8: 30 PM Sheommerce Networking Drinks (Women Only) Sheommerce 1881 by Water Library (Located in Groove @ Central World) Click Here
7:00 PM – 11:00 PM ClickBid AWA19 – The Power of Clicks PushGround, Opticks, YEESSHH, InternationalPeopleSolutions, Redtrack, TrafficStars, Runative Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar Click Here
10 PM – 2 PM The Bangkok Bash Gerard Della Porta Classified Click Here

Day One ( 4 December 2019)

5:30 PM – 6:30 PM AWA19 Happy Hour AWC Floor 26, Lotus Garden Rooftop, Centara Grand Hotel Click Here
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM Affiliate Block Party AWC Floor 26, Lotus Garden Rooftop, Centara Grand Hotel Click Here

Day TWO( 5 December 2019)

9 PM Click Dealer mystery party in bangkok Click Dealer Classified Click Here
6:00pm – 9:00pm Ad Buyers Bangkok Meetup Adleaks Levels Club & Lounge Click Here
8:00pm – 4:00am Media500 Blowout Media500 Classified Click Here
9:00pm – 12:00pm Media Buyers Meetup: Bangkok 2019 Converting Team Provided After RVSP Approval Click Here

Day Three( 6 December 2019)

Affiliate Jam Bangkok TopOffersNetwork & ProfitSocialCPA Provided After RVSP Approval Click Here

It all starts with a little bit of planning and you are just in time to register if you haven’t done so already! Register here now. Both affiliates and companies are welcome. We are immensely looking forward to the event.

Make sure you are there to end 2019 on an amazing note
and begin 2020 with a bang- a strategy and a plan to live your dreams! See you