Affiliates: Be Prepared to Lose Commissions

If the Safari rollout happens today, I’ll see an immediate drop of 34% in my affiliate revenue.

Because Safari is the default browser to Apple goods like iPhone and iPad, this change is going to affect your traffic significantly.

Step One: Evaluate the Possible Impact to Your Site

Should you earn any money in Internet Affiliate Marketing,
Here are the steps that you need to be taking.

Second, alert your clients to the shift . This clearly won’t work for each website but will work in specific conditions. For instance, as a devotion site, I will tell Sunshine Rewards members which they won’t get their money back if they continue to use Safari. This will prompt them to use something else once they do their cash back shopping. Before browsers execute cookie shedding 14, It’s just a temporary fix. But I may be bought time by it before my retailers do become compliant.
Because you can see, for a few of my websites, my Safari and Safari (in-app) really are a total of 16 percent –not a large amount of my visitors.

Last week I wrote a post for the PMA qualified Affiliate Marketing along with ITP 2.0. It was a basic summary of ITP 2.0 along with the effect it could have in general on affiliate marketing. I would like to take that a step further and show affiliates just what’s at stake and how they can help prevent it.
If the retailer isn’t ShareASale and other programs don’t start adding these flags, your only option is to reach out into the merchant or the OPM and inquire whether the changes are made. I have been having luck with that when retailer ’s response was a date by which they hope to get carried out.

This means between 44 percent and 51 percent of my third-party cookies could be dropped in the upcoming few weeks.

Evidently, these numbers will get better over time as more retailers become compliant. However, they will also worsen when their changes are made by the other browsers. Can you manage to go into Q4 not taking measures to guard your affiliate revenue?
The next thing to do is to start checking to determine if the retailers you’re currently working with have upgraded their websites to be compliant with the new standards. Modifications are being made by A whole lot of merchants from the hour. The simplest way to understand if they’re compliant is when they tell you. But I’ve only had two merchants (from about 1000) inform me that they are. The next best thing would be every time a network makes it possible to realize that information easily.
As of now, 22 of these 100 retailers are ITP 2.0 compliant. That’s 22 percent of their retailers that are finest. Currently use my 44% Safari traffic . Doing a bit of mathematics, this means that I will lose 78% of 44 percent of my commissions–or a total of 34 percent

Let that sink in. That’s essentially my firm if a switch is flipped by Apple, losing 10% of its revenue. Are you really ready to lose 34% of your revenue?

In ShareASale, merchants are presently being marked if they become compliant so you can easily search for yourself.

You need to read and comprehend this article.

Jane was one of the first merchants to reach out to me personally that they are compliant and confident enough, you can see their accounts flagged in ShareASale with a green flag and the words “ITP COMPLIANT”:

Is This Really a Big Deal?

Is check your analytics to learn just how much of your traffic is Safari traffic. The easiest place is via Google Analytics. You require a basic understanding to figure this out, although I ’ m not an whiz.

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I m not sure how much more powerful I could be than that. There’s good chance you’re going to begin losing commissions as soon as this day, based upon if the Safari update happens (now we are hearing perhaps September 24?) .

Depending upon how many merchants of yours are compliant by the time you have a few options about what to do.

First, drop the merchants which aren’t compliant in case you can readily replace them with retailers who are. Just how much it’s worth for you will depend upon how much of your traffic you guessed out what portion of your earnings come from the non-compliant merchants and is Safari. It might not be worth shifting the retailers out When it isn ’ t a great deal or if they have responded that their modifications will be produced very shortly.
Where Safari traffic is 44%, However, the news is a lot worse to another one of the websites. Safari plus Safari (in-app) plus Firefox accounts for 51 percent of my traffic on that site.

If you’re up for a little mathematics, some networks will reveal to you the plugins. As an instance, in CJ a transaction report can be conduct by you and add the columns “ Concluding Browser ” and “ Initiating Browser. The file Runs, export it, and total your commissions up for each browser type. Then you will learn the percentage of actual commissions you are currently getting through Safari trades.

Step Three: Mitigate Your Damages

Assume for argument’s sake the ShareASale Top 100 list is representative of merchants. Actually, they are likely better managed than merchants and more likely to be after problems similar to this. But let’s rely on them.

Third, negotiate with your merchants that aren’t compliant for some kind of make good (a few tips on how best to negotiate a better affiliate bargain in general). It is possible to show them what percentage of your visitors is Safari. Use that info to come up with a number that is reasonable that the retailer will use to compensate you for based on your overall sales. You will receive a 20 percent bonus in the end of every month to accounts for the sales that is untracked.

Visit “OS, Audience ” “ Technology ” “ Browser & ” and examine the listing for the previous 30 days. You have to do the mathematics –Google does it. You’ll see Browsers broken down. Insert anything Safari as a MINIMUM, however, also understand that Firefox is rolling out something similar shortly together.

Step Two: Assess Together With Your Portfolio