An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Advertising on Trafficvance

Targeted Interstitials
Quality of Traffic

When you’ve filled out the application form and then deposited your $1,000 US, you’re ready to begin building your campaigns. You’ll do it via an easy-to-use internet dashboard, which direct you through the process in about eight simple steps.

Well, Trafficvance claims to provide distinctively high converting visitors to your landing page. They do so by displaying your ads to clients who’ve downloaded their gaming software and who’ve also agreed to view advertising material.

With textlink ads, your effort is brought into the articles your client is participating with. You bid on keywords, and when those key words appear in articles they’re presented as hyperlinks. The customer must scroll over the URL to see your advertisement. You will not be billed unless your visitor clicks through to a landing page.

Premium Audience Profile
Which Campaigns Does Trafficvance Support?

It’s a demographic that sounds like an affiliate marketer’s dream come true, and yet one which appears to fulfil the corporation’s promise of a market-beating ROI.

1 nice thing about textlink advertisements is they’re available in several of formats, from a simple text-based balloon to audio and video. This enables you to pick how to send your message.


Though the company has existed since 2006, there is a buzz around Trafficvance about the major online affiliate marketing forums. So what’s the big deal?

Here is the real golden nugget: not only are you able to target traffic with keywords, keyword phrases and URLs, you can take advantage of over 75 pre-selected categories (aka verticals). Furthermore, you may choose to run your campaigns at a certain time of day or during specific days of the week, to make sure you reach the customers you want to achieve.

Textlink Advertising

Targeted interstitials is a technical-sounding title for something you’re already familiar with: pop-ups. These are served in a substantial 600 x 800 pixel whenever your possible customer types among your effort keywords, URLs or key word phrases. As with textlink advertisements, you could show your message in almost any format you like. Targeted interstitials are billed on a CPV basis.

Advanced Targeting
The clever part is this: these gaming programs also contain tracking code to collect information about the customer’s browsing habits, which enables Trafficvance to demonstrate your content to exactly the right individuals. As you would expect, this approach has exciting implications for your ROI.
Getting Started Using Trafficvance

Although this process looks like a great deal of fuss and bother, affiliate marketing forums are unanimous in their praise of this platform. If you would like high converting visitors, it is clearly worth making the extra effort.

When you register for Trafficvance, you have a selection of 2 ad types: textlink advertisements and targeted interstitials. Which one you choose will depend on whether you prefer to run your campaigns on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-view (CPV) foundation.
The first point to point out is that Trafficvance is not the most open-access platform out there. It requires a $1,000 US deposit just to register, and you need to pass the provider’s vetting procedure before you can start any campaigns. But if you have the initial investment funds, there are three significant reasons to proceed.

Each of the potential customers pushed you by Trafficvance has in least opted in to get advertisements in return for free gambling apps. In the case of textlink advertisements, they will also need to scroll on your connected text, then read your advertisement and click through to a landing page. Trafficvance assert this set of hurdles contributes to better quality traffic and higher conversion rates: apparently up to 12 percent in some cases.

Trafficvance delivers traffic from Gamevance, a gaming site whose audience is mainly married women aged between 35 and 44, a demographic famous for online shopping. The gaming site is also used by what Trafficvance describe as’man urbanites’ — seems much like hipsters — that resort to online shopping as a timesaving measure.