Ask Lammo: Chickens, Eggs, Puppies and Slapping

Time for another dip into the Ask Lammo postbag..

have i lost my northern rock shares?

Yup, I’m afraid so. All NR shares are now publicly owned. I did warn readers at the time that it wasn’t looking too rosy!

What do you think the top xmas toy sold thru ECU will be?

We recently released our “Top 12 Toys” unit, which automatically updates with the best available price for each of the offical top 12 toys forecast for this year. Of those listed, I’ll be buying the Lego City Airport for my boy, but I think the GoGo Pup will come out on top this year.

How do you keep the motivation up to carry on whilst working at home full time?

What do you do when you’re feeling de-motivated?

I actually find it easier to work from home on my own rather than in an office or around others – I actually knuckle down and get more done without other people around. Of course there’s still days that the phone/doorbell doesn’t stop ringing, and you get chuff all done – Those days you just have to give in and accept that you’ve had a bad day – take some time away from your desk, and start again fresh the next day.

why don’t you like bob dylan’s music?

I’m not a huge Dylan fan, but I don’t *think* I’ve ever said I don’t actually like his stuff.. wait for a blog post/tweet to come out and bite me on the arse now!

Should I add more info to existing ‘reviews’ over time or create separate pages/posts.

I want to get better page rank for individual articles and I am thinking that google goes by individual URLs, but what about the authority of the site in general?

Personally, I always prefer to update existing pages with new content, as freshness of the content is one of the many, many factors that G take into account when ranking sites – If you’re targeting the longtail, then this could work well for you.

If I gave you $100 to bet at roulette what would you put it on?

I’d cash out and play Blackjack with it!

is google in the middle of a major update designed at kicking affiliates yet again?

What do you think about the latest Google algo ‘update’ that appears to have ripped millions of sites apart with little or no traffic & finding spam sites above them?

I’d said it time and time again – Google’s aim is NOT to slap, kick or otherwise penalise affiliates – They simply want to give the most relevant results possible for their users. The ever changing nature of the web means that they need to constantly freshen things up, and every now and then they throw the baby out with the bathwater.

If you’re building really good sites that offer real value to real people (and not just trying to rank on google), then the basic premise of SEO (good on-page SEO + links) will see you rise to the top over the long term. Focus on making your site the best it can possibly be for your users, and Google might just look favourably on you in future.

Hi… are you John Gaukroger?

No, I’m afraid not!

Why are Bolton Wanderers just so brilliant?

I’d imagine it’s the pills you’ve been taking, Mr Bishop.

Why is the tax system so complicated!?

Remember, tax doesn’t HAVE to be taxing.

Whats the best way to get a site indexed?

Link to it from a site that is already indexed.

In about seven months I will be out of work due to a change in circumstances. I earn a few quid a month from my existing mini sites but not enough to go into full-time affiliate mode. What would you recommend I do in the seven or so months to boost my earnings (I have a goal of an extra 1000 pounds a month) so I can hit the affiliate ground running?

I am thinking of starting a new site and spending about 80% of my time on it from now to then (20% spent on keeping my existing sites running).

Two issues I have with this are a) eggs all in one basket and b) what area/niche to work in?

Do you have any funds available to buy an existing site? Quite often it’s easier to buy a site that has a few years history but the site owner has fallen out of love with the site. With a fresh pair of eyes, it’s quite often easy to spot new revenue streams and optimisation techniques that can repay the purchase price much quicker than anticipated, and you wouldn’t be spending 80% of your time chasing an idea with potential – you’d be spending 80% of your time breathing new life into an established venture.

Regards what niche to work in, I would say don’t chase the money – If you’re gonna be spending most of your working life working on this site, then it needs to be a subject matter you can continue to write the four hundredth blog post about 6 months down the line if it’s only earning you beer money. Too often I’ve bought a great domain which will make a killing in one sector or another, only to give up after spending a day or two building the site, and realising that I have no interest whatsoever in the subject matter. Put some passion into your sites!

For now, I wouldn’t worry about having all the eggs in one basket. I’d focus on getting the hens to lay them in the first place. THEN you can worry about where to put them 😉

Once again, thanks all for your questions – please keep them coming!