Ask Lammo – Where the hell have you been?

Every month my short-term program is to pay my mortgage.

What is the perfect method to drive traffic into a website other search engines?

That is different. . Do the websites need updating? How much time does it take to update them? How large are your “niche” websites? I’ve made a blend of all sorts of site – Sites that are 500+ pages of unique content that need very little updating (but just take half a day to update when its that time), and websites that need daily TLC, whether that’s 5 min or an hour. I’ve got 5 page websites, 50 page websites along with 500+ page websites.

I haven’t utilized elance myself however I’d say you get exactly what you purchase on there. I’ve ever had some coding tasks done, and taking time to pick a reputable company that charge a reasonable price (i.e don’t select someone ‘cos that they ’re cheap!) And checking out their opinions from customers etc may make all the difference.

You’ll soon find out how many you can handle when you run out of time (like you’re anything like me you can’t stop having new ideas and trying stuff out) – at this time you need to let some of the failed stuff go rather than leaving it around the “I’ll return to looking then website ” heap.

Should you’re interested in studying how Richard Branson started started in company (and get an insight into his way of thinking about Business), I’d thoroughly suggest reading his autobiography “Losing my Virginity” – I first read it when I first started my affiliate business in 2000, also found it incredibly inspiring.
Market affiliate websites do you believe 1 person could manage?

  • Request Lammo: Who is your company hero? I understand I know. .
  • That’therefore the most often asked question in my postbag in the second (Jason actually whined about it), and as I described as a comment to that post, I just haven’t really had the appetite or tendency to think of something to blog about – not without any authority.