Ask Lammo: Who is your business hero?

Simply because he’s billionaire a few times over (47 at last count! ) ) Doesn’t mean that he feels the necessity to live at the Playboy Mansion either – preferring to live at the house that he bought for $31,500 in 1958. He doesn’t believe the demand for the status symbol of a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, driving himself about in a rather smallish Cadillac DTS, which also won ’t find him quaffing champagne and canapes with another “rock star businessmen” – that he ’s a cheeseburger and coke man.
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I knowI know. . . Anyhow , I had a question from the Ask Lammo postbag time that I began to answer but realised that my response perhaps was worthy of being a post and got on the large side.
Normally I don’t go looking for the whole version worship” item – I think that you ’ ll never get much trying to emulate someone else, and try and be my own person. That said there are people out that it’s easy to respect business practices and their character traits. As I mentioned in the last article I’ve discovered Sir Richard Branson’s autobiography to be very motivational and inspiring, and I can also say the same about Lord Sugar’s publication which I read at the beginning of this year, although (especially with Lord Sugar’s publication ) it also served to remind me that I actually don’t want to build a massive company like Amstrad or even Virgin, which is answerable to institutional shareholders, responsible for hundreds of people being in a position to satisfy their mortgage obligations, and taking me away from seeing my kids growing up.
It’s s also easy to respect people as it s choc full of “ and self-starters allow ’s take action and see what happens” folks. Take a good look at what a few of the wonderful folks in AM have done over time, and you’ll discover something in common with most of these – They began with next to no money, had a few amazing ideas and worked damn hard. Don’t think you can just copy what they did and also make it yourself – you need your “good idea” and your passion and determination to see it through with a shedload of work that is difficult.

To put it differently, Warren Buffett is the most normal, down to ground , rich guy I know – And that’s why he’s my business hero.

Who is your enterprise model?

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  • Who’s your business hero?