Facebook is about to kill organic reach of FB pages … or so it looks like.

As functionality marketers, most of us know that any EXTRA action that’s necessary in the users, results in lower activity overall. I wasn’t amazed when admins of all types of Facebook pages started to complain about overall organic reach of the posts and the activity. However, I’d no idea just how BAD this really was, before I posted something in my FB page recently.

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But in case they choose to roll out this into the planet, you can kiss your Facebook pages goodbye… they will end up useless — when it comes to their natural reach. To give you an idea about how much the connections went , right after they executed the changes, assess the display below:
Based on what I view in my original information feed, then it’s exactly what businesses and webpage admins are doing today… you will find more advertisements for page posts than ever before. The information feed also appears quite empty now… there’s just so much of family photographs and famous quotes shared with your friends that you may deal with daily.

To be honest, I must mention that this will be an evaluation… so much, Facebook asserts they don’t have plans to roll up this upgrade out worldwide… on the other hand, when I posted this to the STM Forum, some members out of India claimed they are seeing this update too.
Pretty standard FB installation, basically looks just like the first feed… Therefore, articles from your friends continue to be in the primary feed, but should you want to find articles from the webpage you wanted, you need to change to the research feed. Thus that an activity from the consumer is required to see the webpage posts the default feed stays the news feed.
First a haphazard pre-change result:

Now the after-change end result:

Yesterday let me show you 2 screenshots from my FB page, one can be a post I created before the shift, the second one was posted.
In their own defense… I know this is a test and as such, it’therefore bound to confront problems along the way. They chose a limited amount of markets, to find out what peoples reactions could be, so I expect that they pay attention and cut that crap.
The motive of the shift is pretty obvious, Facebook wants more AD earnings … if you are able to ’t get the reach in an organic way, you have to pay for it. So boosting posts would be one alternative… once people begin interacting with the boosted post, they should become visible in the information feeds of the friends too. Didn’t test so not sure how well it would work in reality.

I will observe the early effects of the change as I happen to live in Slovakia and that I could comply with the reactions of webpage admins that are several throughout the country. To sum it up really quickly, before entering more information: IT SUCKS!
To start with, let me tell you exactly what changes Facebook actually did… there are 2 news feeds, one is the first news feed that you are utilized to scroll , but from now on, there are no posts from Facebook Pages shown within this principal feed. These articles are all moved into a new one, called that the Explore Feed.
The screenshot maps natural FB connections for 60 major newspaper pages in Slovakia, it’s coming out of the CrowdTangle tool. The enormous dip is extremely obvious.

My first impression wasthat because my FB webpage (I’m talking about the Matuloo Page) has enthusiasts from throughout the planet, the posts will still show in their news feeds just fine… except for those who reside in the “blessed” countries I listed previously.

Difficult to say whether they choose to apply this change internationally, but in case your earnings depends on FB organic visitors, it’s ’s time to start thinking about a plan B. I would say SEO and other methods of building organic visitors will return into the spotlight. The days of simple traffic may be gone.

At one turn, they made my FB page a useless asset and at precisely the identical timethey made I way more complicated for me to adhere to the webpages that I like. At exactly the exact same time, the news feed seems advertisement significant than it was. Whichever way I look at this, I would like ’t find any positives.
Another issue is that the newest Explore Feed is buggy, it reveals limited amount of articles, sometimes just 3 or even 1… sometimes you have to refresh it 5 times in a row so as to get some new page articles loaded. So far, this whole initiative is one big FUCKUP on Facebooks behalf. I would like ’t enjoy it one bit, either from a personal user and page admin perspective.

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Quite a difference, huh? While I was able to reach around 2000-3000 people with any posts I made on the page in the past, and far more when popular folks shared it… I’d less than 30 views on the one that I posted yesterday… not exactly the reach you’Id expect from a page with almost 5500 lovers.


I think it’s safe to suppose that my FB webpage has just gone completely worthless in terms of natural reach. It worked for me in the past, I loved I might get a lot of readers to some of my articles. This meansthat investing to creating a fan site of your FB webpages, is no longer a wise investment.