Fail Campaign Friday: Glee PPV

Of the six various offer landing pages that I’ve made I didn’t generate one lead. Just click throughs were extremely low.

Another Friday another effort that is failed that is funny. Who would’t believed that people wouldn’t sign up for CPA offers because it’d their TV Show actors on it?
Seeing that there has been a range of people who have been really into the show, I thought it might be a great area to target some ads to.

Penny Auction Landing Page
Whenever I am testing campaigns I’ve got a target. Test as quickly as possible for the smallest amount of work required. You have crappy landing pages hoping to judge curiosity. If things work well, then I usually crank out better backup, better satisfied, etc.,. The idea is, I still don’t want to waste time on something which isn’t going to do the job. So below are my amazing 5 second landers.

Penny Auction Landing Page
Geo Tagged Dating Landing Page

Why It Failed

I really didn’t have the greatest hopes when this campaign was launched by me. It was sort of on a whim and I really didn’t put much work into it. I didn’t really research the demographics as well as I should have and I was targeting people by URLs such as I believe people more comfortable with the TV niches would explain that when folks are going to URLs they aren’t in other markets too as a mode where they can be interrupted by PPV pops. Most likely the users visiting if anything I should have been being pushing them to a type of TV offer and my different URLs were trying to watch episodes.

Some time back I was working on some projects on my computer as well as my spouse had a buddy over. It turned out to be a girl she used to baby sit who was likely 18-19 at the moment. My spouse is old than the woman or so, about 7 years. I was a little surprised that they, well they had lots of things in common. One of that was that they loved seeing the TV series. The show follows a more diverse group of kids who sing in a glee club.
Glee Demographics
So that I let that you had no luck and still continue on for more opinions landing page # 2 was the highest CTR.

I opted for PPV pops to market a few campaigns. Regrettably Glee has a after, so I really wasn’t sure who or what to create advertisements about. The demographics according to sites like Quantcast reveal that generally has greater women ages and visitors 18-34 are their important demo.
So I did what anybody could do, driven against a bunch of landing pages and wished to see what happened.

This is that the lander. It was a relationship lander that used the Maxmind Geo scripts to dynamically find the consumer ’s town (in my instance “Groton”) and add that in the copy. The lander had many nuances of the show in it, including Lima, OH, etc.. This was the top click through landing page. As a side note, singles that are girls are targeted by this lander. So you potentially cut on your viewers . One targeted to males ran.
This Business Opportunity lander was a pun on the character Puck’s side business of cleaning pools in the series. You never know until you examine it, although I wasn ’ t expected from that one.
Click Throughs

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The Landing Pages

Biz Opp based landing page.


I never actually pushed Penny Auctions however thought it was a good offer to try and send a few general audiences to. Regrettably the viewers disagreed. This offer had grip.