Fail Campaign Friday: Local Town T-Shirts

messageSo here I was, slowing becoming an enemy of the town. It was time to abandon this effort.
I wished to share one of my campaigns. Everybody in the internet advertising world has known that Facebook crushed T-Shirts from areas including Tee Spring in 2014. People were (and are) scratching names to place on T-Shirts, jobs, etc made a killing. I know people that do $100k+ weeks prior to FB started cracking down on the name.

T-Shirt Results

I got harassing discussions. I interacted with the posters seeking to teach myself on how to execute in the future but it was to no avail. I in no way suggested this was a design for the town or indicated but I kept getting people accusing me of attempting to trick people. In reality which was created with help from folks from the town. This didn’t even appear to help.

What was really interesting is, I believe people really enjoyed the design and it had a few sales (finally it didn’t achieve its wish to launch), but it had a great deal of negative feedback.

Lunenburg T-Shirt Design
I started getting taxpayers messaging the webpage hoping. This is an interesting woman who desired to buy 4 shirts but just when I told her the name of the individual profiting.

  • “I spoke to the PTO and they ensured me that this isn’t running ! ”
  • “that I ’m refusing to buy this until somebody states where the money is going”
  • “Nobody buy this until they say where the money is about! ”
  • Although this would go beyond the reach of me cranking out a t-shirt design in 5 minutes, I think a more community soul could’ve travelled far here. If I said I would donate a section of the top money posted that with the ad and called the PTO up , perhaps I would’ve done better. Who knows. I really had a few regional shirts going at once, thinking it would ve been a niche . It wasn’t .
    If you are a member of the Aff Playbook forum, then a paid forum full of high excellent case studies, follow alongs, and lessons, go hunt for “Mike’s 27 Day Follow Along” to see the 20 tops so I started with the advertisement outcome and those that succeeded and did.
    Per the ritual of Fail Friday posts, and as mentioned its objective was never reached by the effort. The city folk were delusional concerning the legal aspects of their phrases Knight & Lunenburg. That is fine, don’t purchase the shirt, I personally would’t loved them not trolling a for profit business with fictitious legislation, however Oh-well.
    T-Shirt Results

    I wished to try creating t-shirts for local areas and aim them on Facebook by place. Not quite as niche as complete scrapes but lets give it a try.
    As always I hope my readers learned a thing or 2 in my own failures.

    The issue effected. I didn’t set a grab motto of “ Lunenburg UKnight ” on it and see any great resolution pictures of knights on any of their sites so I purchased a stock case. Get it,” UKnight, like in Unite, using the word Knight super creative I understand. I ran it by the individuals they loved it and who I talked about and so we tried giving it a go. The top can be seen by you .
    Below are a Couple of comments I received:
    I’m pretty confident back in March there were if this is your thing, like 10 people who focused on alongs. I have an additional follow up post for this one next week, coming up.
    I advertised it on a Facebook webpage that I whipped up and targetted people in that town. I got a decent CTR on advertising that were newsfeed.
    Lunenburg Ads
    Others said if it had been a fundraiser for the city they would buy the shirt.

    Lunenburg, MA

    Lunenburg T-Shirt Design

    I ended up speaking to a few individuals from Lunenburg, Massachusetts and they discussed some story about how there was a giant controversy within their small town to a racial squirt painting incident that finished their high school soccer team season. I asked them if they believed there might be interest for a t-shirt that spoke about the town and inspired pride and beating this situation. They thought there could be so I gave it a go.

    More T-Shirt Case Research

    Every few months about the Aff Playbook forums we do a interesting Follow Along contest where a goal is set and that goal will be tackled by people and post their results. Typically its fairly generic but such as “Facebook Efforts ” or “Pay Per Telephone Efforts ” etc.. I combined along and A few months back we had one and started 20 efforts on Facebook selling t-shirts. I had a couple of successes which came and quite a few flops there. The main issue is to learn a great deal in these alongs so others will learn and discuss your own results. David usually has some prizes . They are currently giving away a Yoga Guru 2 laptop. Remember that this is the best documented/updated/experimented follow along someone runs, not necessarily the maximum revenue generating.


    I asked why they were so upset, as I interacted with a few of the books. They said I was using the faculty logo on a thing unapproved along with information. I replied saying that the emblem in usage was in no way from being used this way and the title of the town was not disallowed. I had been in no way attempting to fool people or violating any laws but those folks kept thinking I was.