Fail Campaign Friday: Ray Lewis SB Ads

I know people are going to be inquiring about my super awesome uploader. Well its nearly ready everybody. I’ve got high degree affiliates using it right now and giving me great comments. I’ll probably send out a few beta invitations for my email list associates in the upcoming few weeks before I formally launch the program for public use. If you were thinking about staying up to date, make certain to sign up for the email list below.
So although I had all of these other group variations, lots of them weren’t getting impressions since Facebook desired to keep sending opinions to the very best ads from the effort.

Ray Lewis loses ad revisions
These leads form of dried up following a couple weeks so I stopped operating campaigns such as this. When the Super Bowl was arriving in the beginning of February of the year I thought it’d be a wonderful time to ramp this campaign up by running more ads on Facebook.
Fortunately for me, like I mentioned the other dayI have a very good Facebook Bulk Uploader I made this could do all this for me personally. Then I chose to place the team names in either the Ad Titles and the Advertisement Body, therefore instead of the ads stating “Hey #New England Patriots Fans”, it would read “Hey Patriots Fans”.

Ad Variation Outcomes in Facebook

So this is what I did, basically grabbed a few different pictures of Ray Lewis in the Baltimore Ravens yelling like the child he is. Threw some coloured bars with text over it and then created multiple variations of the advertisements.
As you are able to see all of the ads needed AMAZING CTR. They were definitely on a quick path to being under $.10 CPCs. I’m sure the FB specialists can quickly spot the issue that I ran into.
Mike’s Auto Generated Ads

Ray Lewis loses ad revisions
The following day, CPCs began climbing and the offer stopped converting.
Because of my uploader I was able to have these advertisements produced in around 30 seconds or so. In complete I generated over 300 ads to attempt to find ones that would do the job.
I’ve because modified my Facebook Uploader to permit users the option of creating new campaigns for every targeting category, age classes , zip codes, subid, etc.. Hopefully I won’t overlook back on such a short timed niche.
Well there actually wasn’t a demand for so many variations, but bottom line, the timeline for this market to succeed was probably going to be under 24 hours. I had to have each ad submitted before the Super Bowl even took place and after that optimize after I started the campaign.

Campaign dead.


From conducting similar attempts I was aware that with enough quantity I could get to a reduced $0.10 CPC on this US based traffic.
Therefore a long time ago I ran a couple of cases on this blog I called ‘Fail Friday’ where each Friday I’d talk about a failed effort with people. It was pretty entertaining talking failures of epic proportions or showcasing a pretty stupid niche you thought might work but never failed. It got lots of wonderful feedback and I believed it would be interesting to bring back.

The Outcomes

I KNEW from preceding ads, which you will need a KILLER CTR on Facebook for a campaign for this to become rewarding. So I used some custom applications I build to auto generate ads for me.

From that experience, I discovered the hard truth that I’ve had people constantly tell me, separate ads into separate campaigns. It has never been a issue for me since I typically don’t have such a wide variety of curiosity targeting parameters in a single campaign. Usually my main modifier differs images/titles. If one picture is performing amazing so others don’t receive impressions, well, which works for me!

The campaign was immediately rewarding but I was unable to optimize as I had been in a friend’s house watching the match. Subsequently as impressions dragged on the effort hung out overnight as it was struggling to deliver east coast feelings while leaving my others sitting zero beliefs.

The Advertising

So for all those wondering, I whipped up a variation of advertisements in case the Ravens lost!

In the first part of the 2012 NFL season I had some simple money coming in each Monday from Football advertisements on Facebook. This was a very cheesy campaign to get folks to register to get a NFL Jersey email submit. The offers ranged from $1.25-$3.00 per lead from several networks, finally locating a community ’s provide that worked. This was really important because I analyzed nearly equal offers from 6 programs, until finally finding one I could typical a 0.19 EPC on.
The greatest failure of the effort had nothing related to the ads or the deal. I made  a crucial mistake when launching the effort.

Why Upload So Many Advertising?

What was really cool is how I wanted each advertisement to do a few specific things.