Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Geo Breakdown and Analysis

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Geo Breakdown

My friends from MGID periodically do geo
breakdowns and share useful insights about the country, its consumers, how they
behave and how they should sell in order to get them to perform a targeted
action. Today we are going to explore German-speaking countries like Germany,
Austria, and Switzerland.

MGID processes 1.2 million clicks in Germany,
200,000 clicks in Austria, and 150,000 clicks in Switzerland every week.

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let’s start with the country of expensive and quality watches. Switzerland is
one of the richest and economically developed countries not only in Europe but
also in the world with a population of 8.6 million people. Moreover,
was named the world’s most innovative country on 24 of July by the World Intellectual
Property Organization. There are four official languages. Two-thirds of the
population speak German, followed by French. Minority speaks Italian and
Romansh. 74% of the population are urban residents.


Swiss consumers tend to value the origin of
products, price-to-quality ratio rather than design, sustainability, and
after-sales customer service. They are also looking for lower prices and
foreign products not available on their home market. Swiss are interested in
niche/specialized products and varied delivery options. Key drivers for
shopping online are saving time, convenience and being able to compare prices.


Little trust in online payment methods is the
main reason why they prefer to pay online by invoice rather than using credit
or debit cards. However, according to data from Netcomm Suisse, Swiss consumers
also use PayPal.


  • You should not only put a price in
    Swiss francs but also provide users with various delivery options;
  • Switzerland has more mountain
    peaks than any other European country. For this reason, photos of the mountains
    are a great solution for any offer. They will look native to the Swiss;
  • Real estate is very expensive. A
    tiny house can be sold for a 7-digit price. You can sublimate this problem into
    texts that call to earn online. So, try to write about a sudden chance to get
    your own house;
  • The rights of animals are equated
    to human rights. There’s a well-known lawyer Adrian Getchel from Zurich, whose
    clients included more than two hundred dogs, cats, farm animals, and birds. As
    a result, you need to be careful about texts and pictures depicting animals.
    Photos of cats/dogs at work or lying in a heap of money can be negatively
  • Chocolate is considered a symbol
    of Switzerland. You can use it for many verticals. For example, promise life as
    sweet as chocolate for job search or dating offers;
  • As for food, European (Italian or
    French) cuisine will not surprise anyone. Such food is considered mundane and
    cheap. But Asian dishes are real delicacies. The Swiss have to fork out a tidy
    sum for the usual sushi rolls and other dishes. A great illustration for a
    prosperous lifestyle or a good date;
  • The Swiss value their time very
    much and never waste it. They know exactly how long they will take this or that
    action. They are annoyed by any inaccuracies in this matter. Therefore, phrases
    like “3-5 days”, “about a minute” should be avoided.
Switzerland has more mountain peaks than any other European country
Switzerland has more mountain peaks than any other European country
Chocolate is considered a symbol of Switzerland
Chocolate is considered a symbol of Switzerland

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Oktoberfest, Berlin Wall … Germany remains the largest economy in Europe with
21% of contribution to the European GDP. About 82.5 people live in the country,
of which 76% is urban. Gen Z makes up 3.2% of the workforce in Germany,
followed by Baby Boomers (17,7%), Millennials (39%) and Gen X (40,1%).


Millennials are highly concerned with security
and stability. Thus, it would be illogical to promote risky BSFI products or
make them fill out the credit card details on the landing page. However, they
tend to be riskier compared to previous generations.

On the whole, German consumers tend to compare
prices and are looking for good deals. They enjoy finding special deals and
promotions. However, their behavior patterns depend on product categories.
Germans value the best quality, security, comfort, and convenience while
considering buying long-term consumer goods.

For everyday purchases, small equipment, or
industrial consumables price is the most important factor to consider. While
making a purchase, they also value the flexibility of the delivery. Home,
workplace, and locker delivery (click and collect) are the most preferred
options. Keep in mind while mastering your campaign, by providing a range of
delivery options you may increase the intent of purchase.


As for the payment method, according to
Statista, 30% of total eCommerce purchases will be paid by Bank transfer in
2019. On the whole, Germans prefer to pay via Paypal (54%), then goes the bank
transfer (52%).

let’s consider creative tips from MGID:

  • Germans think less is more, so do
    not overwhelm them with long product descriptions. Be brief, concise, and focus
    on the really important product benefits;
  • Real estate prices are creeping
    up. You can confidently put pressure on this weak point, offering to earn money
    for your “nest”, escape the lawlessness of the arrogant landlord, and so on;
  • In Germany, a healthy lifestyle
    flourishes as well as veganism among the younger generation. Avocados, chia
    seeds, and granola are the holy trinity for almost every German. At the same
    time, the older generation still adheres to the old-school diet – beer, fried
    sausages (bratwurst) and sauerkraut.
  • German culture is too paradoxical:
    there are punks, bank clerks, strict hunks, and unfaltering rebels. A neighbor
    of a native German can be a person of almost any nationality. So, do not put
    exclusively blond girls in dating would be not only illogical but also
  • Not a single sane German will buy
    a product without making sure that it is impossible to purchase it cheaper. So
    be sure to lure them with sales and price drops;
  • The Germans are pedantic and
    follow the laws if only because for the slightest non-compliance you can get a
    huge fine. So for the improper sorting of garbage, you can pay up to 5 thousand
    euros, which your neighbor will inform you about with pleasure. That is why in
    advertising texts, you should not provoke the German to break the rules, go
    beyond the boundaries or do something “almost legal”;
  • The trend for beautiful foreigners
    is still booming. Recall that the locals are hunks, so it is important to
    emphasize that girls are looking for pure and true love.
In Germany, a healthy lifestyle flourishes as well as veganism among the younger generation.
The trend for beautiful foreigners is still booming


Austria remains one of the most stable European countries. The country’s
population is 8.8 million people with 4.4 million being a skilled labor force.


Austrians are well-educated high-income
workers that is why they tend to be very demanding and diversified in tastes.
People value quality and are ready to pay more for valuable products. However,
the price is also an important factor to consider during the purchase.


As for the payment method, Austrian online
shoppers prefer to pay cash on delivery, then via bank transfers (31%) and
credit cards (30%).

for you to take into account while making teasers
or landing pages:

  • Austria is one of the most
    comfortable but at the same time expensive European countries. Therefore, an
    offer to save money or get a discount for a frugal Austrian will always be
    welcome. Then, its residents are chronic workaholics unlike citizens of neighboring
    countries. Austrians strive for luxury but understand that without hard work
    this cannot be achieved, so you should not promise to become a millionaire
  • I suggest putting emphasis on the
    quality product attributes and benefits which underline its value;
  • Half of the Austrian men and 30%
    of women are overweight. There is no cult of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it
    will be quite appropriate to offer the Austrian to lose weight without much
    effort and extra body movements.
  • One of the most famous “know-how
    in Austrian”, the world considers Vienna coffee. Its creamy taste and rich
    aroma in combination with the Sacher branded cake are part of the Austrian
    culture, into which guests of the country are happy to immerse themselves.
  • It is not customary to give
    expensive gifts. Even at the wedding, you can safely present a jar of olives
    and no one will expect more. You should not offer an Austrian “a gift that you
    have been looking for for your girlfriend for so long”, as in his understanding
    it can be a keychain with a squirrel for 2 euros.
Half of the Austrian men and 30% of women are overweight
Austria is one of the most comfortable but at the same time expensive European countries

Best-performing verticals

example, Germany is the leader in the number of obese people – 25.1%. This is
followed by Austria (21%) and Switzerland (15%). So weight-loss products will
definitely have to convert well. Then, dating, games, moneymaking, casinos,
products against erectile dysfunction also work for german-speaking countries.

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