Handicapping the 2017 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards

Affiliate of the Year

Tool/Service of the Year

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They are an great instrument for hiring job seekers in addition to supervisors and that is their initial nomination. Odds: 8-1

Bloggers will see this tool very beneficial for easily getting links to products working with merchants, seeing exactly what deals are present, and in all doing most everything needed to promote a retailer. FMTC took home in their enterprise coupon feed but with their Toolkit they have yet another weapon in their arsenal. Odds: 3-1

Merchant of The Year

WPEngine.com – I have never used WP Engine’s handled WordPress hosting services however I do know some people that work there and know that they have a top notch performance. They have a very aggressive affiliate team and trying to succeed in an industry as competitive needs to be tough. They’ve a excellent product to market and a terrific group managing the different side of things also. Odds: 4-1

Ebove and Beyond – Jen Ward and her team have been doing some fantastic work at the affiliate industry for a long time now. Their client list is impressive and also the capacity to drive revenue is difficult to match. They aren’t the largest agency concerning headcount but by being a smaller service they can concentrate more they’ve. Odds: 3-1
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My pick: I think Jen Ward takes home the well deserved decoration.

Advocate of the Year

Advocate of the year is a difficult one to select since all of the candidates have completed some work within the entire year. But in the soul of the article here we go…

Slickdeals.net – If you’re interested in some amazing deals Slickdeals.net is where to go. They go beyond what a normal coupon affiliate as they have some massive bargain forums in which users can place deals, upvote and downvote them, comment, etc.. They could drive some amazing volume, if it is possible to get them a good deal. But beware… their users will find some way possible to stack deals, combine offers, etc so as a retailer be certain you have your ducks in a row. Their team are willing to help where they could and is very best to work with though. At the moment they are my favorite. Odds: 2-1
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Syed Balkhi – Syed runs several unique websites including WPBeginner.com that provides a variety of WordPress tools, tips, and tutorials, and OptinMonster (a excellent leadcapture WP plugin), and a number of other sites. Syed includes a popular session at Affiliate Summit he does at pretty much every show with numerous different bloggers/affiliates about How To Become a Millionaire Blogger. Truth: 4-1

Brandverity.com – From the merchant perspective Brandverity is an invaluable tool. It save many thousands of dollars a year and retailers tens of thousands of hours with a few great paid coupon and search compliance tools. Brandverity has taken this award home twice before and they may be collecting any hardware again this January. Odds: 3-1

I have completed this post for a couple of years now and that my list of picking the winners isn’t all that great but this is a fun place so here we go to compose.

Fanatics.com – Obviously I have inside knowledge of the Fanatics affiliate program because I run it. Am I pleased with what we have achieved with this app? Heck yes! Seeing what we have been able to achieve was outstanding. Me amaze after year. We have some great support in our departments, our staff works seamlessly and also our rapid implementation is unmatched in our niche. Fanatics.com has taken residence this award two of the past 3 years and I think 3 in 4 years has been well deserved. Odds: 2-1

Don’t hesitate to utilize some wagers to be placed by these odds and also leave a comment.

Bloggers are slowly coming to market their sites and Christen has been a portion of that over the past couple years. She is also awesome at calling out bloggers for not properly displaying their customs and while that might seem to be little issue it will turn into a bigger and bigger problem through recent years. Odds: 4-1

My pick: Though Christen will likely cover me with unicorn glitter should I don’t select her I’m going with Chad Waite for this award. His work in Utah helped out a huge quantity of retailers and bloggers.
My choice: I have to be a homer here and proceed with Fanatics. Yeah, I am biased but understanding the numbers the way we get it done I could honestly say it is well deserved and we put up.

Wade Tonkin – Well, because I utilize Wade and he is my boss I must say pleasant things . But there are few affiliate managers out there who’ve been doing Wade as well as things has for as long as he has. He’d be among my calls if I were a name merchant searching for somebody to run my affiliate program. Truth: 2-1

She is deserving as a first time nominee.

Etsy.com – I believe Etsy has only been in their affiliate program up and running for a couple years in most so for them to pull on a nomination for Merchant of the Year is a wonderful accomplishment.  Running a huge merchant similar to this with such a wide assortment of products an affiliate program can be a handful but seemingly the Etsy affiliate management group was up to the question. Odds: 8-1

My pick: While Syed could pull and snag the award I think SlickDeals.net will drift off with the trophy.

Chad Waite – This past year Chad from Avantlink.com (along with some other wonderful men and women in the industry) did an amazing job getting a nexus bill killed off in Utah. He was at the hearings and shared businesses that are small hurt and accept taxes than they’d bring about. Job Chad! Odds: 2-1

OPM of The Year

Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards

Coupons.com – if you’re able to ’t guess by the name Coupons.com is a voucher affiliate and among the biggest around. Along with online coupons for retailers they also have a great deal of printable coupons so you don’t have to scrounge through your Sunday newspaper (critically … who gets the newspaper???) . They are one of the 5 voucher affiliates on the market in terms of sheer volume. I have worked before with them and for the large part they are pretty solid to take care of. Truth: 5-1

Greg Hoffman – Greg Hoffman from Apogee Agency is one of the most outspoken proponents of quality affiliate management. There are so few affiliate managers out there and also Greg is a excellent advocate for the ones that are decent. He has helped a lot of people and really does a fantastic job getting them started on the path and helping new affiliate managers find their footing. This award was won by greg last year as well so you know he is worthy of this nomination. Odds: 5-1
Schaaf-PartnerCentric – Schaaf has existed since 2006 and is currently being conducted by CEO Stephanie Harris. They won the award back in 2013 and have been nominated for this award winning a variety of times in the past. Odds: 5-1
Maryellen Garasky – I fulfilled Maryellen a few decades back when she was just starting in this business working for the OPM and now she is in charge of the Jane.com affiliate program. Maryellen has done some things. Her affiliates and affiliate managers love her alike and is well respected within the affiliate management network. Odds: 3-1

AIM – Some of my favorite people within the business work in AIM. Her staff and sarah Bundy manage a good deal more than simply internet affiliate marketing that is standard. The AIM team consistently win awards for their work and has a client list that is fantastic. They were recently named #90 in the list of Canada’s Sarah herself was # 55 on among top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada and companies. Odds: 4-1
’ s posts here if You’d like to browse the year you go:

Luke Kling – I feel this is Luke’s moment nomination for this award because he was nominated again in 2015 too. He would be my first telephone, if you are in the CPA space when I were to do any CPA stuff again and you have heard of Luke. Luke is certainly worthy of the nomination and was doing this for quite a while. Odds: 6-1