How to Use Facebook Custom Audience to Increase Sales on Your Amazon Affiliate Websites

Facebook Custom Audience Guidebook

When you’ve created a Custom Audience those contacts will stay together as one group or target audience. You may then conduct Facebook advertisements to your customized audience.

Establishing Custom Audience

It takes about four hours to allow Facebook to begin tracking visitors. Facebook won’t allow you to target your custom audience until Facebook has built a customized crowd of at least 1,000 visitors.
Facebook enables you to make a custom audience from Ads Supervisor or Power Editor. You are able to create around 200 custom audiences.
When you make your customized crowd to be targeted by an advertisement all you need to do is to pick your audience.
You can drill down by simply choosing age range, gender and interests, When you have chosen your custom made audience. This is not mandatory but it lets you segment your custom audience.
The pixel is Facebook tracks the consumers .
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Facebook permits you to set a pixel onto your site that tracks visitors. Facebook will connect a site visitor with this particular individual ’s Facebook profile. When you have gathered enough visitors from the pixel to your website then it is possible to begin advertising.

ON the Audience tab you need to select your custom audience for targeting. If you would like, you can also choose to exclude a custom made audience.
I have over 50 sites that promote Amazon goods as an affiliate, if you do not know. With recent upgrades from Google it is getting harder and harder to get articles in my Amazon affiliate websites to get rated highly in Google. To combat this I started using a tool provided by Facebook to maximize my sales.
Facebook permits you to specify a date range when they come to your website of a person remains in the custom audience. Unless they come to your site 19, Individuals will be removed following the established time period from your custom made audience. The default value is 30 days and the most time is 180 days.

  • Anyone who visits your website
  • People who visit particular web pages
  • Peple visiting particular web pages but others
  • Folks who have not visited in a certain Quantity of time
  • Custom combination

Facebook Ads for Custom Audiences

The alternative is to target anyone who visits your site.
Would you be interested in Facebook Custom Audience? Allow me to give you an example when you have an Amazon affiliate site.
People who are on the lookout for the Paleo breakfast recipes will not be visiting your website. Individuals that are interested in air compressors and your site will visit. If your website is being visited by someone then they are highly targeted which is what you need when running a Facebook ad.

People are. You can then conduct air compressors being promoted by a Facebook ad for people who’ve visited your website.
Facebook’s Custom Audience feature allows you to make ads that target individuals who’ve seen your website and your website.

Everyone will tell you you need to create ads on Facebook. The problem is that occasionally you wind up targeting a broad variety.

Facebook Custom Audiences lets you overcome this limitation.

Introducing Facebook Custom Audiences

I’ve installed the monitoring pixel. I create this customized made audience to be targeted by custom Facebook Ads. I’ve found my click-thru speed and thus my earnings from these types of advertisements are much higher than my general targeting advertisements.

You’ll be provided code to your pixel when you produce your custom audience. This code will need to be installed in your website.

Installing the Pixel

For example you’ve got a website that promotes air compressors in an Amazon affiliate. You’re able to put a code. This informative article will gather data on all visitors.

You can click the button below to get my complimentary “Custom Audience Guidebook” which shows you the steps to creating habit viewers.

The pixel is installed in the head script on your website. In case you have configured your customized made audience to just target specific pages then you will have to set up the targeting pixel just on the pages you chosen to target.

When you create a custom audience in Facebook

Value of Facebook Custom Audiences