How’d we do? A look back at our 2014 predictions

Here’s what happened: No excellent epiphany here. Visible content has and will continue to be a enormous portion of the information world — both online and in print. And we weren’t the only ones who thought visual content could make a splash in 2014.

Social mediaHere is what we stated: Even before the most recent Google algorithm update, we noticed that societal interactions have been given increasing importance.  In 2014, Social sharing may continue to become more relevant, maybe even more in relation to keyword optimisation, link building, page title, etc..

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Societal for SEO

Here is what we said: Doesn’t matter if you respond to it through design responsiveness or mobile programs, cellular is here to stay and most of us need to listen for it.
Here’s what happened: We weren’t alone in predicting that the”Internet of Things” would eliminate, but it appears from the year since our forecast it hasn’t really taken off at the pace everyone believed it’d . ‘The Web of things’ or associated products which bring efficiencies to daily life has been a buzzword for several a long time. However, it has been hauled by things such as the consumer unease about the security of data that was accumulated from becoming more mainstream. But do not drop hope, it appears the buzzword will get a reality, it is only going to require a bit more time than everybody thought.

Here is what we stated: From our experience, visual articles drives a lot more engagement than ordinary text, making visual content a large part of 2014’s tendencies.
Here’s what happened: We were right..well sorta. Mobile has without a doubt become one of their biggest mediums, together with customers tied so near their telephones which 48% admitted with their cellular device whilst on the bathroom . So it is safe to say cellular is definitely here to stay but are merchants making the most of this expanding medium?
Our phone study had some surprising findings from the arena. Though mobile phones account for over 20% of impressions and 18 percent of clicks one of publishers, they simply drive 10 percent of the sales volume. Why the disconnect? Check out this blog article for more insight.
Whether it’s brands participating with their clients and creating long-term relationships or content becoming a vital business-growing tool, content marketing has shown precisely how large of an influence brands can make when they speak into their audiences, not in them.
The point is, you only have to have a glance around the internet to see just how important visual information is, from the emergence of easy-to-use picture editing apps to the ever-increasing presence of Instagram, 2014 was definitely the year of their visual. And looks like 2015 will continue this trend.

Really social networking is only one more means to reach your audience and much more importantly engage together. Take a peek at this infographic to see precisely how many individuals are using social networking to see the level of your audience potential.
Content MarketingHere is what we said: Content advertising  is a trend that began some time ago, but we still think it’ll be important for years to come. Some studies indicate that 80% of business decision makers prefer to find business data in a collection of posts versus a advertising….Getting prospective customers interested in what you need to convey is a much more powerful and engaging manner of marketing your business and products.

Here’s what happened: Content advertising has indeed seen growth in 2014 — and it’s making an impact. The percentage of B2B marketers utilizing content marketing has climbed to 93 percent. Almost half of those content entrepreneurs (42%) consider themselves effectiveup from 36% the year prior. However, this powerful form of communication has also gained popularity in much more mainstream ways. Really during its heart, content promotion is a means to communicate more directly and organically with audiences.

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The Internet of ThingsHere is what we stated: there’s no escaping from all of the interconnected devices we currently possess. From phones, to tablets, computers and self-measurement apparatus, everything appears to be connected. The surprising reality is that this might just be a little portion of the number of connected devices that can exist in 2020. Based on ABI’s research, more than 30 billion devices will be linked by then.
The conclusion of a calendar year always brings with it two things. Reflections about the year that passed and predictions for what’s to come. So last yearwe took a stab in predicting various online tendencies according to our own observations and opinions.

Here is what happened: We’re right about the money for this one. More manufacturers and companies than ever are realizing the importance of social SEO. A blog article in Business 2 Community summed it up:

So all in allwe did pretty well with our 2014 predictions! It may be reason enough to warrant an updated article for 2015? Stay tuned to learn.

It’s all fun and games when you’re trying to predict the long run, but what should you take a closer look and find out how these predictions did? We’re about to learn. Regardless of the rapid nature of the World Wide Web and the lightning pace with which things change, we’re going to take a trip down the road and see our 2014 forecasts purport:

mobile experience

The Internet Things

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