Influencer Marketing – A Sprint Or A Marathon? – By Paige L. White

You are a brand, Just because post content about your goods in and of itself does not indicate . Influencer marketing should be viewed as a narrative arc for example as you may see for a tv series where the play unfolds over multiple episodes or, in such a instance, posts and testimonials (a marathon), as opposed to a film in which everything occurs in the area of 90 minutes (a sprint).

Digital marketing, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Influencer promotion, and other customer facing technologies have enabled today’s businesses with the capacity to achieve brand recognition considerably faster than at any other time in modern history.

Your influencer marketing marathon ought to be developed with an eye towards mid to long word content creation and distribution, place against a background of message testing and investigation, data collection, and Analytics review.

However, the arrival of digital technologies and the capacity to receive your advertising message in front of tens of thousands or even millions of individuals has also caused the belief that business ideas go directly to brand awareness without ever having to build a foundation of concept investigation, product recognition, and client loyalty.

The campaign. You need to determine at the beginning how long you want to gather the data that will allow you to make business decisions.

No matter the situation, you will need a clearly defined, long term influencer content strategy that’s meant to achieve your program goals. You will also need to set KPI’s that will help you assess the results and insights collected from
So, recall. Apple. Walmart. Microsoft. Amazon. Nike. Starbucks. Macy’s. McDonalds. All companies first then brands. Consider influencer marketing as a marathon rather than a rush for you there when it comes to building your company to a brand.

Influencer marketing is perhaps the most dynamic, and the fastest growing, vehicle for those looking to quickly move past business recognition to be a new. Therein lies the difficulty; of becoming a brand the concept.
First, you will need to ascertain the objective(s) of your influencer campaign. Could it be to increase awareness of your products? Are you expecting to reevaluate unwanted or neutral search engine content? Would you need to test consumer interest?

Second, you want to recognize the timeline needed to realize your objectives. One month might be enough to your Thanksgiving campaign, but you are going to need a lot longer time frame if you would like to create a deep company awareness and relationship with your target audience. Why not the manufacturers continue to market, quite simply, ask yourself this; despite the recognition? After all, everybody knows McDonalds.
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