Interview with Mark from Leadbit Affiliate Network

Now hey guys we are likely to interview Mark who’s currently working using Leadbit as Head of section. Should you attend affiliate marketing conventions You Might Have met him in MAC Kiev Affiliate Conference 2018, TES Affiliate Conference 2018 Prague, TES Affiliate Conference 2019 Lisbon, MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2019 Moscow or at CPA Life 2019 Saint Petersbirg. Without wasting any time lets read concerning the markers ’s interview and how is Leadbit altering affiliate advertising world!

What type of service you provide for your affiliates? Do you assist them with data ( Give them info which may help them launch successful campaigns)?

Of course, we supply data to them that we’ve. For instance, what offer shows. We do all our best in order that a spouse can feel himself safe and assured. And I am talking about not just our in-house offers but in addition to immediate ones. We’ve got great relations and it helps us .

How easy is it for associates to join your network? What’s the advice that you may give and need to combine Leadbit?

My name is Mark, I am 26 years old, situated in Moscow.
I have been working in affiliate marketing business for two decades. Frankly, I had never had plans to be here, since I had worked in marketing agencies that were digital most of my profession time. Nevertheless, once made a decision to proceed from dull and average pattern to a different something new one which can drive me more.
Leadbit is an affiliate CPA network which provides opportunities to our associates to work with various verticals like nutra communicating, gaming, sweepstakes and fund. Afterwards we set a objective, although we was a oriented company.
Team include twelve supervisors. And at our workplace we have around 300 employees.
For is knowing where you’re, what exactly are you going to perform. A partner has to know he should have strategies exactly what perpendicular he select. We could advise, however, questions show goals of the partner. Along with that, we aren’t severe. We do not demand experience with affiliate programs, we do not require quantity of leads. For being serious about beginning working but we expect.

Columbia, indonesia, Spain, Italy, Portugal. 

How large is your staff? 

For affilaites who wishes to try out category, we have variety of Adult games that are direct which works and we could provide users with the stream to start working.
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It depends on. Particularly, if we are talking they’re not stable due to bans. For us, tomorrow that he does $200 today a spouse generates 2000 $ daily. Nevertheless I don’t have any concept of numbers. Believe mewe make a lot of money ☺
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Patience. You do not have to wait at the start for results that are big. It. 

Tell us a little bit on your own. How old do you? Where do you reside?

What are your top GEOs in your network?

Generally, how much earnings are your best affiliates now generating?

We have SOI sweepstakes, amazing guide CCs & for FR & IT which rocking the marketplace

Mark Head of Account department
Mark Head of Account section

Please tell us more about Leadbit. What do you guys do?

How long have you been working in affiliate  industry, and how can you become involved?

If you could give 1 tip to the novices beginning in this fast-growing industry, what would it be?

Yes, the industry saturated and is very huge. I guess the most important thing is to differ, bring a value that others can not do. I suggest the expertise when I am discussing the worth. Leadbit was existing for 9 years. For that time we’ve gathered a great deal of experience such as good and poor we know how we can help out to our partners, and how affiliate marketing works, what we have to anticipate for. In contrast to other people, we have profound volume of resources. It’s not just money, we’re a part of a group of organizations, there are marketing mass media source, affiliate programs, networks and forth, over 10 businesses. We collect and mass data that help us to soar faster than anyone.
Erogan and erofertil are the top converting offers due to popularity of products. It’s still working rather than dead ☺ The best way to begin is to start out with this type of nutra.

Could you tell us which are some of the most effective traffic resources that work best in your own system?

Facebook is the best one naturally. The highest quality together with volumes that are enormous. All money from that point. The next one is MGID. We appreciate guys who work together with AD networks. It’s complex, the market is quite pricey and targeting is difficult. The previous one is networks like Exoclick, Traffic Stars, Traffic Factory. Products are the offers within a nutra marketplace.

What are your top converting offers right now?

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There are plenty of affiliate networks. When compared to what we see out there, is Leadbit different? What sets you apart from the crowd?