Life Advice For Quiet Humans

If you’re a quiet human who enjoys being at home, why don’t you work there?

You may argue that you have to leave home to earn a living. My counter argument would be to ask you “Why?” as many times as it takes for you to admit that you need the job to pay for things you want but don’t really need.

If you value a brand new car, big house, new shoes or a $1000 phone more than your peace of mind, by all means keep doing what you’re doing. Most people do.

But if you value peace of mind over material things I would suggest that today you begin to consider ways you can work from home. Next, evaluate what is necessary for your life and eliminate what is not. Your annual cost of living may drop low enough that you can pay for it by doing something you enjoy.

It will be hard work. Living a quiet life and working from home often means working longer hours for less pay. But if you’re like me, getting to live in peace makes the extra hours worth it.

I consider myself a quiet human. I prefer a quiet day at home over a loud day out. If you are a quiet human like me, one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to set your life up in a way that allows you to only leave home if you want to.

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