Look For The Stars

Last night I was looking at the sky. All I saw was darkness.

The darkness was overwhelming. It seemed to go on forever. I felt the smallness of my existence and the meaninglessness of it all. “How far does the darkness go?” I asked. I got no reply.

Then from the corner of my eye I saw a star.

It sparkled, shining brightly against the infinite black backdrop behind it. My surroundings disappeared as I focused on it’s light.

I saw more stars. They were everywhere. Sparkling and dancing in the night sky. Dozens of them came into focus as my upturned eyes scanned left to right.

I felt lightheaded.
I felt amazement.
I felt fantasy.
I felt possibility.
I felt hope.

Remember this.” I whispered to myself.

When things look dark you have a choice.

You can focus on the darkness.

Or you can look for the stars.

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