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Landingtrack - Campaign Performance

Landingtrack - Dimension Profile
At the Moment, LandingTrack is your First New production Tracking system and like you mentioned is not a tracker: it is “a TOC system”: Track – Boost – Control  
4. Alright, so please inform us more about LandingTrack and how this idea came through
The thought was always the exact same – one stop solution – that I believe I am not the person to compare this as I have not tried”The Optimizer”.
We provide to our clients the option to utilize TOP affiliate networks and pull out supplies from them without any technology knowledge.  We provide also to our customers the choice to work with TOP Advertisement Networks (DSP) through API so that they could control their traffic.

Today I bring you guys an old friend from Spain that ’s been operating in the past 12 months at a really interesting project to merge the tracker (a fundamental and a very important instrument in the record of any compensated visitors affiliate) having an optimizer tool and also a wallet of supplies from other networks through an API.

11. OK, so what is the pricing and do we have an coupon or discount for our readers? Do you have a free trial?
I did run campaigns in the past – after all if you truly need to know what this business is all about, how it works, what’s happening etc.. You have to try yourself; theory is something rather helpful but you must apply the practice to make your own view. Talking with Publishers from every-activity, plus Advertisers and running campaigns it really helps to have a worldwide image. Now my sole focus is that our small baby LandingTrack.  
Mobile Dashboard additionally accepted in December 2018:
3. Which are your favourite hobbies. Where do you reside where can people find you apart from online?

Produced from the 86 means: video-games and everything related. After all, Servando, I am rather curious about everything that surround me and that I love with it.

Almost forgot it it is very important to say that LandingTrack creates Campaigns – we call it Dimension since you’re able to create for every of these: A wise connection that rotate the offers within real time by eCPM. A campaign /Dimension can contain 1 offer or 1 million offers, may have just one pre-landing or 2,000. It’s up for you and beside that you can set up your redirect principles to control 100% where the click will end; so, after all we have assembled something that you play .

Our lowest package starts at 50$ per month with 5 Million clicks and the master one offers 150 Million clicks/month for only 650$.
Well, really we work day and night on this so update usually come every week or every 2 weeks, since we have to add fresh Traffic resources / Advertisers we can’t stop this train.
SureI began affiliate marketing in a small service by 2011; getting to understand this beautiful and changing world. I had been coping with Advertisers and with Publishers looking for new folks all the time and basically attending their needs. Email marketing, RTB and Website were the most important station, branding and functionality the aims (Mobile wasn’t around the pipeline nonetheless ).
This is how it appears about the Profile of you Dimension / Campaign if you operate with different traffic resources. Since you may see, you control the cost -the profit and each action like: Pause – Activation campaigns from LandingTrack.
Landingtrack - Webview dashboard
This is how it looks the performance of a campaign:
9. If we need our own host (self-hosted version), then what sort of specs if we search for?
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2.  Can you ever conduct campaigns as a affiliate or has been your work largely concentrated on handling publishers for your networks you worked ? Can you still run campaigns nowadays?

8. Can it be LandingTrack a cloud hosted agency or do individuals setup a server of our own?
After our main idea and doctrine here is to provide help. So with LandingTrack everyone will be able to start/try this company while experienced users will be able to scale and open more their actions.
Apart from those new attribute plus many more, we’ve added something fairly important: Cost. You really know how hard was that the beginning of media purchasing and the cost from the tracker is really significant so with LandingTrack you will not need to fret again.
Since you can see, it is possible to choose multiple offers to operate on a single campaign and rotate them.

I do believe in free trials so we offer 15 times to check that which we have listed above plus a 20% reduction for your initial 2 months then exclusively for the readers. The only method to truly get an impression of our Software is by simply attempting yourself.
Jorge is no newcomer in this business. I met him 6 decades ago in an online forum and I’ve found him (and grabbed a few beers with him) lots of times in various affiliate conventions .
Landingtrack - Mobile Dashboard
Landingtrack - Campaign Stats

LandingTrack Review Interview

1. Hello Jorge. It’s been some time since we meet probably 4-5 years back. If I recall correctly we first spoke through a forum. Could you tell us more about your self, what can you do and how did you get involved with the affiliate marketing community?

Landingtrack - Cofounder
It had been 2017 if I was putting up the entire CPA dept for Headway and beside doing all the integrations (Advertiser/Publishers) I had to handle the media buying team; with a huge lack of time I recall traveling to Madrid and see a few of my friends who use to work for Mobusi and tell him the story”Buddy, I really need a tool that can help me to control all. I would like API integration with Customers to pull out offers and API integration with Traffic sources so that I can deal with the traffic and I need automatic rules to control all visitors so I can devote my time with other activities” and this can be amusing because his answer was:”that’s fairly easy”. Thus, we start to focus on LandingTrack at the just moment.

As you may guess LandingTrack is an cloud solution managed by our staff but it’s crucial to know that each user will have an independent host for its activity – supplied by LandingTrack.
AnywaysI’m getting back to interviewing a few folks in the affiliate industry and I wished to do anything different at this time. Instead of interviewing an affiliate I want to incorporate more interviews from supervisors working in the market, either from a Affiliate Network, Traffic Network, either Advertiser or any SaaS firm related as they can offer interesting insights also.

If you desire more information about LandingTrack and how it works you can read the documentation .

Then I jumped right into mobile and begin to play with the remainder of things we have today, (soda, divert, indigenous, toolbars, bannerads, search etc..) Gaining more knowledge and getting to know lots of folks after. Due to all those years seeing pros and cons, good and bad improvements, good and poor choices, I came out along with a great friend with the idea to create a remedy that actually can assist the company: LandingTrack and that is right now what is getting me 24 hours every day.
6. What is the most important advantage of using LandingTrack against routine trackers such as Voluum, Binom, Thrive, Adsbridge, etc..

Like I mentioned previously, using Landingtrack you can control Traffic sources from your accounts, Pausing, tripping, blocking, rising/dropping bid etc..

No should receive a server unless you want to run with preexisting landings – and then you must have your server in order to host this specific activity.

12.  I am convinced that this is a matter most affiliates ask themselves when working with a new tracker or tool such as this: How do you ensure their data is safe and it can’t be accessed by the proprietors of the tracker/optimizer?
Significant : hassle free.  We’re the only ones adding automatic rules to control all traffic. Guaranteeing minimum reduction, control and time saving. Finally, you can control without checking every moment. 
Landingtrack - logo white

17. Alright, thank you very much for your meeting. I’m looking forward to see another year at almost any affiliate related event!
His name is Jorge I interviewed him last week so that he could speak a bit more about exactly what he’so doing and how he intends to change this business.

Landingtrack - Offers Panel

And finally, this is how it seems your daily panel, where you may control All of Your action:

Landingtrack - optimization rules
Hope you had a excellent beginning in 2019. I’ve been working out a lot with fresh campaigns and learning new traffic resources in the last couple months. It’s been a fun ride…

Sure, such as this can be the Dashboard (Internet / Mobile) at December 2018:

Landingtrack - Daily Panel

Permit ’s get to the interview as always, daring letters signifies I’m asking a question and italic means Jorge is answering back.
7. Would you show us a couple screenshots of your software in action?

Right now we did full integrations using pop/redirect Ad-networks for example: Propellerads – Popcash – Zeropark – Yeesshh – Lively Revenue – SelfAdvertiser – AdMaven – Explorads – Ezmob – Popads – Exoclick – Plugrush.
You’ll be able to narrow your stats, then filter from geo / carrier / browser / programs / resources / OS / Offers etc. the more information you have the easier your activity will wind up.  
Along with the optimization Rules section (Feature) from Mobile perspective looks like this:
10. How often do you drive new upgrades for LandingTrack and what will people expect for 2019?

15. Is there an simple way to change from a different tracker into Landingtrack without changing all the links and postbacks in the networks we work with?

We do the same and we do not need other sort of action. Basically, our company is technology, we have several tech jobs going on and feel me that media buying is not something we’re interested, it’s not our organization.

  • Auto-optimization foundation on your rules: our workers check every minute your traffic source to employ your optimization principles.
  • One Stop remedy (TOC– Track – Optimize – Control in 1 stage ); Hassle free; we all perform all of integrations so user just wish to: plug and play)
  • Our pricing structure

And you are correct Servando, it’s important to know and notice that we produce resources, that is our enthusiasm. It’s like other applications around which provide service to help customers.
Hey Servando, that’s correct! I believe that it was in 2013 back in ForoBeta. Time flies!

It’s been a while now that I think that affiliate marketing will probably soon be here – as consistently – but people need to understand that it is not easy, and just like any other endeavor you must put money into time, knowledge and money.
5. Would you list the top 3 attributes and benefits of Landing Track?

This is a look of those stats for Dimension /Campaign:

Landingtrack - Jorge Cofounder

I understand is we track real time and optimize each minute. And should you ask me exactly what it is LandingTrack I’ll say: it’s a platform that unites: Voluum + Affise + the Optimizer.

LandingTrack was designed to be”the New generation of tracking system”; as you know is not only a tracker it is a new idea.  To make things easier for everybody we blend and incorporate all in 1 platform so you can control everything : and every week we perform to include more and more.
Hey guys.
16. OK, thanks for answering all our questions concerning LandingTrack. On another note, where do you see the affiliate industry moving in the next few years?
I am living in Barcelona in this minute but I had been travelling quite a good deal within the past decades so still not certain if I’ll jump into a different adventure. I enjoy travelling and getting to know different cultures, individuals, and different ways of thinking. I like music and theatre without these I wouldn’t be exactly the exact same LOL.

Our workers are running every moment to check your principles and apply them in case it’s need it beside that you can always take manual conclusions.
You might also use the coupon code: “servando” or simply click any one of the referral links in this article.
14. Which visitors networks does it support so far?
13. Now that we know LandingTrack is not only a tracker but also an marketing tool, how does this compare to some other SaaS such as”the Optimizer”?

As a summary, eventually there is a monitoring system featuring significance and doing things different from the remainder.

Getting your demand connected (advertisers) and supply (Traffic Sources) and optimization principles that assist you in your everyday work is our principal focus and this is our advantage over any other tracking solution.
Also, we encourage Demand (Advertisers) like us: KImia (ArmorAds) – Clickdealer – Traffic Company – Mobusi – Headway – Mobidea – Any Affise or even Offerslook partner and a lot more forthcoming in.

Our purpose is to start 2019 incorporating more traffic source and then cover the Push notification side of those Ad-networks, this may let us explore all DSP to conduct display with LT and include automation on that field too.
Pleasure was mine Servando that I ’m looking forward to meet you again as well!

We have various other projects which may enable the post-back facet but now I believe is far much better to start from scratch with LandingTrack to know how we operate and when you opt to move, we will aid you with the setup.  
Players will fall and new ones will rise and without the assistance of technology our industry will become harder.