Music, Airplanes and Oklahoma

The whole experience was a blast. I played 45 minutes of brand new songs that are a few of the most grotesque, quite and sad tunes I’ve ever observed. It had been the first time that I’ve played with them anywhere and I believe they went well.

I’ve just returned home from a terrific trip to Oklahoma to play with an acoustic set with all the men from Rusted Root.

I have not had that much fun for ages!

Speaking of music.
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I hope you’re doing well.

The whole thing happened fast.

It was enjoyable to get back home and watch family and some friends. I can’t wait to do it and that I will be back soon.
I didn’t wish to journey with a guitar as soon as I landed I led over to Black Mirror on Pearl to purchase an acoustic acoustic guitar from my buddy Steve Liddell.
Worth it.

It was good to be back in Tulsa #tulsamusic

I know it’s been a bit since I have posted here which is because I’ve been writing and playing songs like a madman. The work has resulted in about two dozen songs that were great. So time spent.
I’ve come for your own tears.

I’m back in LA feeling quite happy I made the excursion. It was exhausting and I hate flying but it had been
I’m sitting on my couch, taking a look at the display and trying to think about a fantastic starting line to start this post with. I suppose this will need to perform.

The next night I ended up being a part of a impromptu living area concert with a number of my earliest and best buddies. We performed for five or four hours before we were all ready to pass up and moved some furniture, installation amps, guitars and cans.

I sent my buddy Donnie (a concert promoter at Oklahoma) a message that I was prepared to play shows . I had been on a plane, headed to the midwest to perform a pair opening for those guys.

It felt really great to hear my guitar and voice oozing through a big PA system again. I have gotten utilised to the sound of me singing without amplification and it took a few minutes to get used to it again. But it was heaven.

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