My August 2014 Monthly Online Income Report

My August 2014 Monthly Online Income Report

Here is a quote from Zig Ziglar:

In August I earned $902.81 from Affiliate Marketing
Here’s the overview of my yearly income report that is online
I was asked to make templates being used by some movies . It is definitely becoming easier for me to create those videos.
Anytime someone clicked the resource and bought that product you would get a commission since it was currently using your affiliate website.

I go out and encourage my Mother ’ s award winning children novels although I am mainly promoting goods in the health and fitness stadium.

Let somebody else benefit from their work and do the work all.

Novel Royalties

In August I got $240.00 in my Online Resource Guide

Could I be disappointed with this? Yes. But I am pleased with being able to spend time with my family like biking for hours and hours to discover a geocache, and doing crazy things and the one thing you get out of this is to sign your name on a notebook.

$1,250.00 Video Production
You contact offline customers and provide them a ceremony at which you will generate leads to them in exchange for a specified fee.

Take my advice if you are ever considering getting out of this rat race and eliminate as much debt as you can before you escape. The burden of not fretting about how to cover the bills is well worth it!
To drive interest I assemble an extremely nice Lead Gen Report which you can download. (Feel free to enhance my graphics abilities in the remarks below)


It is a wonderful feeling knowing that we’re out there earning money off of something I put together and I helped them to create that income.
For the year in my day job I worked using Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Photoshop. In the beginning I fought attempting to learn these goods. Now I am pretty good together.
I have only been self-employed for 3 weeks now but the freedom I have learned in this brief time was worth the five decades of pain spent paying off that debt and the 2+ years of working all those hours establishing my online company for me to the point of escaping the rat race. I adore my life!

Offline Customers

Since they’re slaves to their intake lifestyle They’ll never be able to retire from the rat race. Fortunately for me (at least now ) I no longer fall into that trap.

$6,381.92 August 2014 Monthly Online Income Report
$66.44 Novel Royalties

If you do not think you have expertise to make a item then you should believe. Folks ’s mindsets are the number one reason it isn’t because they do not have sufficient experience and they don’t create their very own products.

After my debt was paid off I had a radical mind shift where I needed to have physical possessions if it defined me as a individual but instead I concentrated on living below my means.
A fantastic way to make monthly income is to market your products. Find what folks are interested in learning about and then write a product which shows people how to do what they would like to know.
I will start off with all the palms income approaches this season. I do absolutely no work on my novels but I still earn money out of them each and each month.
Once I got an client I’d charge them a fee for driving leads for their company using Facebook Ads. Mainly using companies where the owners are known by me I was able to get 3 new offline customers in August.

Resource Guide

Individuals are pressured to get encounters or to possess possessions. There is not any shortage of people who feel inclined to use physical possessions to specify their own self-worth and exactly the things they believe to be their “picture ” to the entire world.

This is just another income technique. I won’t ever get rich from either of these two hands free procedures but it is nice to see the income as a result of not doing any work for this.
Additionally, I went back to creating videos for others utilizing templates.
Two days after the call we were putting in two kayaks in some river in some little city in Georgia I never knew existed. While geocaching, Then we paddled over 10 miles.
The best part is that I didn’t even need to ask off a day from work and do this. I finally have the liberty to shoot off and do crazy experiences like this that I would not have managed to do if I was still working my day job.

You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough folks get what they need.
1 day my sister phoned up and asked me when I could kayak. I said I had done it before. If I could roll in a kayak if I got switched over she inquired. I told her that I could not. No worries because they make sit that don’t possess skirts.

However, at one point in my entire own lifetime I woke up and realized I climbed over $75,000 in debt. As soon as I looked around I couldn’t see what all I could have bought to ring up debt that is . That moment was the beginning of my choice.

Going forward I plan on doing in this arena since it provides more income and can be scaled.
$10.06 Adsense
August was the conclusion of being self-employed, of my very first quarter and it was a very good month. The ability to spend time with start of football season, my family, having the capability to do interesting occasions throughout what would have been my work hours have left August a very profitable month.
I spent three days building my Online Resource Guide. Then I supplied the entire resource manual in a PDF format that is 28 pages long.

Because I do’m not servant to a eating 25, I have the capacity to perform mad experiences and spend some time with my loved ones. I predict it appreciating lifetime also in August I got to do a lot of it.
$2,250.00 Offline Clients

Where one has been hands down the very imaginative artistic individual that I have ever seen in my life, I use to work with two guys. The man was a genius when it came to movie.

Twenty four individuals have bought my Online Resource Guide PLR rights and are now making money from the material that I spent three days putting together.
Here are my thoughts on my August 2014 Daily Income Report.
August I earned $66.44 in reserve royalties.

In August I made $1,250.00 from Video Production.

Affiliate Marketing

You can now see how simple it’s to locate a exceptional skill. Go out and make your own product.
My biggest selling product is the Amazon Affiliate Bible.
In August I earned $1,284.49 out of Facebook Ads

When you compare my month in this quarter on my worst month,” there’s an nearly $3,000 dollar gap in earnings. Thank god I obtained debt free before going the rat race or these fluctuations would have pushed me back to a daily job with the safety of knowing your income.

Oh and let me not forget to mention I got more these past 3 months than I’d have earned 6 months in my daily job!

In August I earned $378.12 from revenue of my own products.
The biggest news is I got more in the past 3 months than that I took home in a few months in my day job!!!
The satisfaction come from knowing that I am ready to parlay my struggle in learning a perfect brain activity into income when the guys who were much better than me never showed the exact same amount of motivation to capitalize on their talents.

Video Production

$378.12 Product Sales

My earnings from Facebook Ads is half of what it had been last month. The most important motive was that I was not driven this month in my job hours since I was spending some time with my loved ones.

$240.00 Resource Guide
Here are the particulars of my income from August.

Facebook Advertising

I acknowledge this revenue stream is the one which attracts me the greatest sense of satisfaction. Why? Simply because I am not a brain person that was creative I have put in many hours studying it and I am able to parlay that difficult work into income.

Back in August I made $10.06 out of Adsense
That is where I got out of my customer zone in August. I started dealing with customers either face or on the telephone. It turned out to be a big stretch for me.
That is all you want to learn about making your own product.

In August I earned $2,250.00 out of Offline Customers
My older sister could compose a merchandise showing how to create custom lesson plans to Pre-K classes. On producing geocache layouts that are unique, my younger sister might write a monthly book. About how to develop anytype of flower in almost any soil environment based on her experience as a Master 23, my mum could write.

Being self employed isn’t for the faint of the heart . I cannot depend on a solid paycheck each and every week as I could when I had been working a day job. This takes a good deal of adjustment to get used to.
Getting into working with offline customers was only a natural progression of using my images skills combined with my understanding of affiliate advertising and Facebook ads.

During August I didn’t push at my business as far as I did the previous two months. I took off time to spend with my loved ones. 1 weekend I spent with my mother to get her 76th birthday. The following weekend I spent for the beginning of football season Athens. I worked hours that were less than I did in June or even July.
For the subsequent five years that I followed the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace plan of eating rice and beans while paying off my debt.
I like going out and promoting other people’s merchandise. For the simple reason I do not have to spend energy and the time necessary to make a product on my own to sell.

If you are eager to work considerably harder if you aren’t as talented as somebody else you can nevertheless be better than them. Do not ever forget that because if you would like to succeed in being self employed then you have to be willing to work harder than anyone else around you.
From my comfort zone I stepped in August and started pursing customers. This is out of my comfort zone as I prefer to interact with inanimate objects such as a pc compared to someone any day of the week. Dealing with customers is always a stretch for me.
I’d go to work and was astounded at what they might produce and secretly wished I could do this also.
I did a 21 day juice during August and finished up loosing 6 lbs. As of now I am down to 155 pounds from 172 pounds. I am dedicated to doing my first pullup prior to the close of the year.

These folks live in the country club areas, send the kids must have the expensive automobiles and use clothes that is expensive Unfortunately the majority of these people are heavily in debt.
Allow me to give you some examples of my family and their experience.

Merchandise Sales

Anyone who deals with anything on the internet is always on the lookout for recommendations for things from hosting, wordpress themes to landing pages into membership website software.
I made a decision to sell PLR rights into my Online Resource Guide for only $10. The PLR rights gave one of exactly the editable word document at which you can replace my affiliate links with your own affiliate links then sell or give the Resource Guide to your viewers.

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