My September 2014 Online Income Report

September 2014 Online Income Report


If you printed from the Ultimate Online Resource Guide it is 28 pages long.
It’s a earnings flow that is forget about it once it’s been set up.
Listed below are the results of my September 2014 Online Income Report:
I earned $482.07 out of Facebook advertisements in September.

$16.47 Adsense
My earnings from this one category will greatly increase as the business is built by us.
If you would like to acquire good on a subject you’ve got to take the time to learn everything you can about that subject.
In a sense I understood I needed to work. That is the reason I spent the time to learn about Facebook marketing.

$150.61 Product Sales

Offline Clients

$31.09 Novel Royalties
1 afternoon I went through and evaluated the scanning devices possessed by three generations of my immediate family. The outcomes had been 17 Kindle and one Nook.
Locate a product which has a commission and then promote it.

In September I just earned $641.00 out of online affiliate marketing .
I’m sharing with him what I’ve heard about landing my initial 5 offline clients. He is prepared to go complete steam ahead of it and has been studying the process.
If you get very good at targeting your Facebook Ads you can be very successful in promoting Affiliate products.

Product Sales

To begin my online income account for September I have to confess that I didn’t work as hard as I do in my business.

He is going to be working the sales and then I’ll do the back end on running the Facebook 27, if a client shuts. I’ll also manage graphics and the site to create our advertisements.

That is why I don’t publish for the Nook since I do not believe it has a big proportion of the market to go after.
September has been a turning point for me personally in that I concentrated entirely on a single income source for the whole month. About serving offline businesses using Facebook, I have been learning and I have been focusing on constructing this company.
My focus in this area has diminished as I worked on my offline customers. Sales of my Amazon Affiliate Bible have dropped as a Outcome.
It offers reference to just about any instrument or class that you may want if you are working on the internet.
Compared to previous month my income from Facebook advertising has greatly decreased. But my understanding of how to run Facebook ads has greatly increased.
$3,750.00 Offline Customers
I am adding this class. And I am proud that I am ready to put in it.

That is my new subject of attention in my own life. I hired my first employee one week ago today as I mentioned earlier. We have been hard in establishing our company.

To thank you and I hope you make money.

Why would I concentrate on companies that are offline? The two key reasons are 1) unlimited number of consumers and 2)possible to earn a few million dollars from a single customer.

In September I got $16.47 out of Adsense.
This was one are that I committed myself. I’ve been mainly reading and learning.
Back in September I left $80.00 from my Ultimate Online Resource Guide.
$482.07 Facebook Advertising

My September 2014 Online Income Report Outcomes

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life from what we give.

In September I earned $150.61 from product sales.

I try very much to talk with my readers and that is the reason why I’m excited each time somebody buys my Ultimate Online Resource Guide because I understand they’ll have the ability to earn money from it.

Several weeks ago I spent almost 3 times putting together my Ultimate Online Resource Guide.
But I made a choice will have lots of potential for income earnings to be accomplished by me. So I do not regret the lack of attention for my products.

Novel Royalties

Now getting back to my own September 2014 online revenue report. I am going to cover my new passive income flows.

Resource Guide

My prediction is Georgia win the SEC Championship, will win out and then win the National Championship. If some of my readers has two tickets to the SEC Championship or the National Championship match, let me know because I am looking for tickets.
Adsense is just another passive revenue flow for me. I’ve just placed Adsense on my market hvac and real estate investing websites.
Some people have asked me why I don’t release my books? That is a question that is very good.
In September I earned $3,750.00 from Offline Customers.

Affiliate Marketing

We scheduled our initial meeting with a prospective client, emailed over 90 companies and have produced a site, made a record for customers detailing our solutions, hired a lawyer to write a contract to give to clients.
Winston Churchill made the quotation

My employee is way above average when it comes to people skills and sales.

$641.00 Affiliate Marketing
My books I have published in Kindle and print format on Amazon bring in monthly revenue for me. I really do no job with this income.
As of today Georgia has lost just 1 match to South Carolina. I was at that game also!
I have bookmarked about a dozen sites that provide valuable information regarding Facebook Advertising.
I’m proud of the Ultimate Online Resource Guide since I enable people to buy it and turn around and make money from all of my hard work.

When I’d get a good site on the topic I would spend hours reading every blog post which Facebook advertising was printed on by them each.
I mainly used Facebook Advertising to market affiliate products. Facebook and affiliate marketing opens up the doors for individuals.
This is a huge quantity of information on this subject and each article I read provided a minumum of one bit of information that I discovered.
The reason is that the start of football season. I am a University of Georgia football fan.
My publication royalties earned $31.09 at September.
It’s a perfect fit of abilities and our strengths. We’ve got a Skype conversation every day at high time to discuss who’s going to take care of the work and what we are currently working on, and what has to be achieved.
The hardest aspect of working together with clients that are offline is revenue. The great news is a week I hired my first worker although I am not a people person and we are going out to attack this marketplace.