New Year, New Content- Resolution #1: Create more shoppable content

Gear Patrol is a daily magazine for men that features a mix of highly-stylized tales about equipment, adventure, food, culture and design. Having a little team, Gear Patrol focuses on telling stories that are appealing while writing about products and earning, whenever possible, commissions from your sales they push. Here are their tips:

However, like most bloggers, she needed to juggle a fulltime occupation as well and wanted to monetize the articles on her website and YouTube station. Simply by posting content she was enthusiastic about, Wande was generating shoppable articles for her readers and Skimlinks helped her make an income out of it.
Another Skimlinks publication that successfully integrates shoppable content right into her plan is Wande’s World. Wande runs a thriving site along with YouTube channelWande’s World — where she discusses everything fashion, life style, and beauty. For Wande, producing content is at the forefront. For the creative process of selecting an outfit, shooting photos and movie and sharing it with the entire world is easily the most satisfying portion of her career as a blogger.

Boom. There you’ve got it. Your first New Year’s resolution is almost complete. Along with lifting those weights, then don’t forget to create engaging stories with inspirational pictures to bring your articles into tip-top shape in 2015. Most importantly, contain product links within your content to assist your visitors achieve the items that you write on and also increase your potential earnings.
Now, whenever she posts a movie of her outfits, she adds affiliated product hyperlinks to the description so her readers can quickly and easily purchase the items she shows in her videos. She concentrates on generating content yet manages to earn a commission of the earnings she drives if her readers click on and purchase items from her hyperlinks.
We would like to help you create this type of content since it is not just informative and important, but it’s also a wonderful way to earn revenue. As a Skimlinks writer, every time your readers click a link from your website and go on to make a buy, you’ll earn a commission. If you are already talking about these items anyway, why don’t you get rewarded to get the sales you drive?

We turned to some of the Skimlinks publishers to illustrate how you may produce shoppable articles on your site.

  • Utilize images. Making your content enticing for the readers is vital, and drawing them with beautiful images is an excellent way to inspire them to read your articles & maybe even make a purchase.
  • Link your content. Be sure that those gorgeous images link out to the products they depict. Make certain to have relevant links in your written articles as well, so readers don’t need to search high and low; all you need to do is simply click on the URL to get more information about a merchandise.
  • Inform a narrative. Do not simply write about merchandise to simply write about products. Make an interesting narrative that provides both context and inspiration.

What’s shoppable articles you will ask? Well, any time you see a blog post or an internet article speaking about a product having a URL to said product, you’ve just gotten a terrific example of what shoppable content looks and reads like.