Merry Christmas Affiliate Land – you’re getting bugger all this year

This past year it may be the only gift they get. I don’t know in which they live, but it’s much more than likely going to maintain Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, Kenya, Kosova, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Montenegro, Mozambique, Romania, Serbia, Swaziland, Ukraine or even Zimbabwe, because ’s where Operation Christmas Child ship their “shoeboxes” packed full of goodies to bring a smile to the faces of their kids there.

I’ve made a shoebox, and filled up with a gentle Toy, Car/Truck, Ball, Playdoh, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Soap, Colouring Book,,Wax Crayons Sticker Book & Stickers, Pencils, Hat & Glove Set, Scarf, Sweets, along with a Small Bag. Some little boy aged between 2 and 4 (only a little older than Jack) is going to have a smile in their face come Christmas Day, and that I ’d much rather produce a small bit of happiness in a distant corner of the world like this than ship a bottle of booze to an affiliate who doesn’t actually want it.
Every year I believe myself “I’m likely to get off my arse and start sending out a few goodies myself this season ”, and each year I’m too busy dealing with the Christmas rush to consider it, I leave it late – I’ve no doubt the “unsung” account managers at a few of the networks would genuinely value the recognition of the challenging work they’ve put in annually, but just how do I decide who gets a pressie and that doesn’t – Will there be an Affiliate advertising Naughty/Nice list? So, rather I’m sending virtual recognition to all those people (you know that you’re actually!) , and only it is deserved by sending a physical present to someone who I understand, and for that it will truly make their Christmas.
I don’t understand them and that I don’t even know their name. But I do know that theyre using a difficult time , and could really, really like to start a gift out of a blogger at Devon.