PropellerAds Review + Coupon

®PropellerAds has been one of the top traffic sources for affiliates for several years. They started with pop traffic (or as they call it, onclick ads) and all campaigns used to be managed, but after a few years and keeping up with the competition they launched their self-serve platform and they’re one of the networks that just keep adding ad formats and stay on top of trends to make money and help both publishers and media buyers as well. We spent 6 figures with them just running pop traffic.

PropellerAds used to be one of the biggest pop traffic sources back in the day, and they were also one of the first networks to get into the web push notifications trend since 2017. Some networks catch up in 2018 and some others have been thinking of adding push notifications but it’s 2019 and they still don’t have it available.

Propeller Ads Review

PropellerAds has a nice platform where you can create campaigns, add funds, create custom audiences and analyze traffic volume to make everything easy for the media buyers. Here’s a quick look of the dashboard:

Propeller Ads Review - Dashboard

As for adding funds, Propeller allows you to pay with credit card, Union Pay, PayPal, Skrill, Wire, ePayments, WebMoney, American Express and even AliPay.

Get $70 bonus on your first $200 deposit to start testing their traffic.

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Propeller Ads Review - payment methods

Aside from having a good interface to buy traffic, Propeller has traffic charts where you can plan your campaigns based on the daily volume of yesterday’s traffic. Here, you can select your ad type, country, OS and devices and plan accordingly based on the number of impressions and bid rates (CPM as shown below):

Propeller Ads Review - traffic chart popunder

Here’s another example of push traffic, this time with a CPC rate. India and Brazil have been the top volume push countries in the last year and the rates can be super cheap per click. Again, plan accordingly and don’t forget to factor in the offer payout when defining your daily budgets.

Propeller Ads Review - traffic chart push notifications

As for creating a campaign the process is very simple and straightforward. Perhaps the best feature of PropellerAds is having the total available traffic chart at the right side which updates in real time based on the settings and filters you select for your campaign. Many networks don’t have that feature so you need to test and guess different bids as the tables only give you a generic view of the real prices.

Propeller Ads Review - create campaign

After selecting the type of campaign (Popunder, Push Notifications, Native Ads, Interstitial) and pricing model (CPC, CPC, SmartCPM, CPA Goal 2.0, SmartCPA), you need to upload your creatives. In this example I selected a push notification campaign so we need to write a title, description and upload images.

Propeller already allows you to upload multiple creatives in the same campaign to split test and optimize without duplicating campaigns. Use {bannerid} token to track performance of each creative.

You’ll need to upload creatives for native, push and interstitial ads. For on click ads (pops) you just need the URL of your landing page.

Propeller Ads Review - create campaign creatives

PropellerAds has implemented some filters for traffic based on the quality and engagement of the users. First, they offer you buying Premium traffic from premium websites (more volume and better quality). This comes at a higher price of course but it might be worth testing for your campaigns.

Propeller Ads Review - traffic options premium

They also allow you to target all users or users based on activity (high, medium or low CTR) and the prices change accordingly as well. Initially I prefer testing with all users but later you can create 3 campaigns with different bids and test which database performs better for your offers.

Propeller Ads Review - user activity

After that you’ll just need to fill the regular stuff, like country, budget, devices, OS and browser and you’d do in any other network and you’re good to go. Your campaign usually gets approved in a few hours to a day depending on the time zone and day of the week.

Propeller Ads Review - campaign countries and bid

Set up retargeting in the “audience” section, it’s available for all ad formats.

Propeller Ads Review - campaign targeting

If you’re launching CPM push campaign then pay attention to the new feature called Target CPA. It automatically optimizes your campaigns and helps you get conversions for your target price. “The algorithm finds all ad placements (zones) that are not bringing conversions or where conversion price exceeds your target CPA value and automatically excludes them from your traffic sources”, mentioned in their blog.

Propeller Ads Review - target cpa

This is all you need to get started with PropellerAds. If you haven’t tested their traffic now it’s a good time as they are one of the biggest push networks with 300+ million subscriber user base and also, they have recently added their Native Ad widgets (with both CPC and CPM bidding models). Support team is always online and waiting for you in the live chat, blue icon in the lower right corner.

Some of the best verticals working with PropellerAds are: dating (mainstream) sweepstakes, gambling, finance, COD, nutrition, betting, casino, e-commerce.

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How to get the code?

  • Sign up here: SIGN UP LINK.
  • Send the secret word “SERVANDO” by email to
  • Get your promo code and apply it on the Add Funds page

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