Publisher spotlight: BuzzFeed

Which are the important factors in deciding which applications to join and what would you search for in a advertiser partner?

BuzzFeed also supplies a vast array of affiliate content. BuzzFeed has developed shopping content that surfaces a broad range of products applicable to a mass audience, in addition to BuzzFeed Reviews, which offers detailed analyses of their very best merchandise based on the requirements of specific identities.

  • Diversifying our strategic partner set
  • Focusing on efficiencies within the program and identifying the supply strategies that effectively amplify the Top converting content in par
  • Testing fresh formats across crucial platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snap and Twitter

The two Awin and ShareASale possess a powerful offering of entrepreneurs, and the publisher achievement teams proactively research strategies to scale and optimize our affiliate program. Awin and ShareASale will also be actively thinking about ways to innovate affiliate reporting, and we’re enthusiastic about how they will induce content publishers to quicken the growth of their affiliate programs.

In the past 12 months we have pivoted our approach towards:
BuzzFeed is your major digital-first media writer, which gained fame through its shareableand viral articles.

Q4 is the superbowl of internet affiliate advertising, and that the BuzzFeed editorial team will be heavily leaning to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Gift Guide content. We have tons of post-Prime Day learnings about that distribution and amplification strategies are most efficient and effective, and we are excited to work with entrepreneurs that are trying to scale their own affiliate programs throughout the vacations. We are always sourcing new tactics to super-serve our audience and make their buying experience even more seamless. During Q4 we’ll launch a dedicated Gift Guide section on our website, and offer our audience constant coverage of the greatest Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains round BuzzFeed’s owned stations and social.

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BuzzFeed has a sophisticated affiliate program that has come to be an extremely efficient and effective performance station for vital partners. Considering BuzzFeed’s mass appeal and ability to reach audiences across several platforms, BuzzFeed’s affiliate company not only successfully drives conversion and high-intent visitors for key partners, but also is in a position to do this at scale.

BuzzFeed is a news and entertainment company for the societal cellular age. From the serious to the enjoyable, from long-form into the brief listicles readers have grown to love, we create content that people wish to share on the web.

Internet affiliate marketing is leveraged across several facets of the organization, and is among the main attribution versions that powers BuzzFeed’s strategic partnerships. Affiliate marketing empowers BuzzFeed to structure partnerships with key marketers in which incentives are aligned and where there’s uncapped potential to scale the partnership. Affiliate advertising also provides BuzzFeed an extra data source that signals how brands, content or specific products resonate with all the BuzzFeed audience.

BuzzFeed, the major digital-first media writer, quickly took off 2006 using its capacity to recognize and spread viral articles. The business has since become a cross-platform news and entertainment system which reaches hundreds of millions of people internationally, and proceeds to spread joy and reality on line and pioneer Internet culture through new content formats and emerging platforms.

Recently, Awin invited members of their Buzzfeed staff to our Baltimore office. During their visit, they provided our staff with schooling on the Buzzfeed new and positioning opportunities for Awin customers, and we could workshop new strategies to grow their affiliate channel.
We solely rely on our editorial content to ascertain the ventures we pursue. BuzzFeed’s main goal is to deliver articles that strongly resonates with our audience and to confront the brands and products the BuzzFeed audience enjoys. Information is the most important driver in specifying the programs we combine, as we carefully monitor performance and sales to ascertain which partners resonate best with our viewers, and we consciously look for new advertisers that have characteristics that are very similar to our high performing partners. Qualities of the top advertising partners include:
Has there been a critical change or turning point on your affiliate actions within the previous 12 months? If this is this is the case, what exactly was it?
What kinds of products and deals resonate with your audience?
Which are advantages for advertisers working with BuzzFeed?
Have you got any upcoming promotions, new releases, or exciting news you would like to discuss?
As the world’s top independent electronic media site, BuzzFeed has unparalleled scale, which offers rich and robust insights into tap into and empowers our staff to make educated decisions based on a deep understanding of our crowd.

Why would you join the Awin along with ShareASale networks, and also what characteristics would you enjoy?

The BuzzFeed audience is comprised of savvy shoppers that are looking for products which add utility to their lives, really are a steal to get their investment, or even have the maximum user reviews. The BuzzFeed editorial staff is devoted to surfacing the very best products in the marketplace and sourcing the best deals for our audience, while developing a easy path to purchase. The Guideline is surfacing:

Just how does BuzzFeed use online affiliate marketing?

  • Products that have 4 stars or over
  • Products that have several (confirmed ) user testimonials
  • Products and retailers who have the most aggressive price point within their respective category or product-set
  • Prices that are 20% off or greater (or a similar value in $ off)
  • Prices Which Are only available to our audience

The best advice for any advertiser would be to proactively and continuously convey opportunities together with the BuzzFeed affiliate group, and to trust the group’s recommendation to what chances to pursue. The BuzzFeed staff is thoughtfully selective about adding advertisers to the app, and just goes forward with opportunities that make feel editorially and which are likely to resonate with the BuzzFeed audience according to historic data. With continuous communication, the BuzzFeed staff will provide constructive feedback about why specific opportunities do or do not make sense, allowing teams to quickly do it on any promising opportunities.

  • Seamless ecommerce experience
  • Competitive pricing
  • Powerful user reviews

Interested in partnering with Buzzfeed? Please contact our publisher direction staff .

What is the very best way an advertiser can help encourage their venture with you?

BuzzFeed’s editorial recommendations take significant weight since we’ve always proven to be a dependable and authentic source for our audience. The purchasing vertical is a true expansion of the BuzzFeed brand, that has earned a solid reputation among our audience. Our purchasing content reflects the editorial group’s obsession with servicing the crowd and continuously reinventing content plan based on viewers signals. Because of this audience-oriented mission and data-driven strategy, our readers trust that our recommendations.

How does BuzzFeed distinguish itself from competitors from the affiliate area?