My family and I have been using a group text to stay in touch outside of social media. It’s much better than Facebook and I highly recommend it.

We shared an article about how AI killer robots could cause catastrophes and it hit me. Somewhere around 1999 I wrote a song called ‘Robots‘ with lyrics that talked about this kind of stuff happening in the future.

I guess the future is now – because the lyrics to that song sure do sound like some of what’s happening today.

I’ve added the song and the lyrics below. Even if you don’t hear the music the words pretty much sum it up. But I’d love you to check out the song too… it’s a wild one and was Rewake’s closer for years.

Air Bubbles by Rewake

We’ve been working on it
In fact we’ve been studying
Put on it a scientist
We’re gonna play god yet

Robots making the people
There’s no more waiting now.

It seemed like such a good idea at first
Like our best intentions turned out the worst
There will come a day, we’ll bring it on ourselves
We’re gonna play god yet

Enjoy the words, enjoy the music and enjoy your life. Because these could be our last years of freedom before we become slaves to AI robot overlords.

Just kidding.

I think.


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