SEO Case Study – Backlinking Strategy (Part 3)

After using a similar strategy with a few other sites and noticing positive results, I decided that a simple backlinking strategy can be very effective when building up a niche-based site.

When discussing potential SEO strategies with a number of people, I pieced together a number of aspects that I thought would be beneficial to ranking well. I have also incorporated ideas found on other sites that discuss SEO strategies. I feel this modified strategy provides a great base for the initial (and usually long-term) SEO strategy for niche sites.

Niche Site Backlinking Strategy

If you have done any research about backlink strategies, chances are you have heard of a link wheel or link pyramid. I like to think of the strategy as a pyramid, because the goal is to build the strongest asset on the bottom, but to allow ‘juice’ to flow from the top down.

The point is to keep the content great on the Money Site, and build everything around the solid foundation.

Properties To Use For Mini/2.0 Sites

The initial sites to be used will be:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Squidoo

There are definitely others that can be used, but that’s where I have started in the past, and they seem to provide a solid foundation to work from.

Sites To Use For Articles

While I was originally planning to use tons of article directories (and people still have mixed feelings about the benefits of using article directories at all), I have decided to stick to just one:

  • EzineArticles

Some believe the more the better, but I like to stick to the big guns to start and work from there if additional properties/articles are needed.

How To Do Blog Commenting

I plan to do SOME manual work, but ScrapeBox is the best tool I have found to perform blog commenting on anything other than a manual level. The goal is to start slow and build up as properties age and grow.

Forum Profiles

This is a strategy that I usually avoid from the start and only implement if I feel the site needs more juice of any kind. I have purchased blasts from WickedFire users in the past and I was also subscribed to DripFeedBlasts for some time. Unfortunately, I never did a formal study of either, but I believe both are beneficial if used properly.

Social Bookmarking, Facebook, and Twitter

Buying a small package of social bookmarks is usually a great start to SEOing any site, as well as creating a Facebook page and Twitter profile. Anything helps, and these also provide a solid foundation.


Although most of what is listed here can be outsourced or automated, it is definitely possible to effectively build backlinks without spending a dime if you are on a tight budget. Aside from the forum profiles, spending a solid week or two getting content done for your properties and articles should be enough if you crank through it. Then, it’s just a matter of finding blogs to comment on (although this can be an extremely time-consuming task).

My goal with this post was to explain that you do not have to develop an extravagant strategy to get your site ranking well, especially if you do the initial research and find a niche that is not overly competitive.

I’m in the process of having the interview polished up and ready to go, and it will be a GREAT resource to use alongside this case study.

As always, if you have any questions please leave comments and let’s get a discussion going.

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