Stop Following The Crowd

One piece of advice you’ll hear over and over again in your life is: “Just try to fit it.” It usually starts with your parents then continues with your teachers, friends, bosses and government.

Most of the time the people who tell you to fit in want to make their lives easier – not yours. A person who fits in is a more obedient child, student, employee and citizen.

You fitting in works out great for them, but it could be very bad for you.

The crowd they want you to fit into is walking into a slaughterhouse. They walk in with dreams, ideas and ambitions. They walk out with more realistic plans like going into debt and working in a factory for the rest of their lives to pay it off.

If you want to follow the crowd that’s fine. Most people do because it’s much less risky. Going your own way might get you the life of your dreams but you also could end up frustrated and broke.

The choice is yours.

If you’re having trouble fitting in and want to take your shot:

Stop following the crowd. They are lost.

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