The Internet of Things, deeplinking in mobile apps and more… It’s Skimming the News!

Mobile deeplinking

Hope the beginning of 2015 has been a good one for everyone! Now that the holiday hoopla has officially come to a close, it’s time to get caught up on all the latest happenings. From the internet of things to deeplinking in mobile apps, let’s dive in.

Why the ‘Internet of Things’ hasn’t really caught on: The Internet of things or connected products that bring efficiencies to day-to-day life has been a buzzword for years. Despite this, consumer unease about the security of collected data has held it from really taking off. AdWeek discusses what brands need to do to address consumer fears.

Connecting mobile apps to one another once and for all: Companies big and small are trying to bring the same simplicity that you see on the web, linking pages to one another, to smartphones by teaching mobile apps to connect to one another in the same way. This NY Times piece dives into what will need to happen for the mobile app world to become interconnected.

Facebook aims to bolster video content to compete with YouTube: Social media giant Facebook recently announced that video activity on its platform increased greatly in 2014. Users saw 3.6 times more video in the newsfeed in 2014 vs 2013. AdExchanger explores what this increase signifies.

Job seekers listen up, web developers are in high demand: It’s never been a better time to be a web developer. Those versed in programming language Ruby, C and Python are making six figures on average, while their C# and PHP counterparts aren’t doing too shabby at 90K. Entrepreneur looks at the top cities for tech, the most popular coding languages and trends of this evolving industry.

How to connect with customers on social media: Social media has quickly become the most preferred method of attracting new customers for all types of businesses. From evaluating demographics to tracking analytics, this Buzzsumo piece explores ways that you can use social media wisely to find and keep customers for the long haul.

2015 is shaping up to be a huge year for internet marketing: With more resources than ever before and trending data signifying growth, it’s safe to say digital marketers will be busy this year. This KISSmetrics post presents statistics-backed reasons about why internet marketing will be on the rise.

Here’s how you can become a better writer: Keeping up with the demands of creating content isn’t always easy, this roundup of resources from Inc. will help writers on all levels.

Building Skimlinks from the ground up: Skimlinks CEO Alicia Navarro spoke with Yahoo Small Business about the company’s beginnings, the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how the Skimlinks technology has revolutionized the way online publishers earn money.


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