The Next Internet Gold Rush

Google ought to be worried, very concerned, since we might literally have a new and dominating advertisement platform to take over the net within 3 months when FB decides to hit the start button. Obviously Google is smart and this wouldn’t really be a surprise to them, but thinking about and preparing for this may be nothing until they really see it in action and suddenly feel that the existence of thousands of Adsense and Adwords users jumping ship or spending even more of the advertising dollars with somebody else.

To be certain, there are still hurdles for FB to overcome in order to make a new advertising platform a dominating drive to be a real competitor to Google. Facebook hasn’t really got the advertising approval process consistent only yet. It’s confusing, biased, bothersome, inconsistent and down absurd generally. They’ve lost tens of thousands of advertisers because of the sheer stupidity of their way that they approve ads. To make any inroad into a widely used and competitive force against Google they simply must nail this down to a constant, unbiased and clear process for their users. An automated system like Adcenter or Adwords utilizes is crucial for a smooth stream in giving Google a run for their money. The strike and miss garbage shoot for advertisers attempting to get their advertisements approved should finish. Their lame excuse they want to safeguard their users experience on the Facebook platform won’t interpret meaningfully into some material platform.
Being that Facebook includes all sorts of widgets that allow you to Share, Like, comment and even log into specific sites with your Facebook account, it would be simple for programmers (if they haven’t already done so) to create an advertisements widget  that shows some kind of FB ads. I picture FB is going to want to demonstrate text as well as image advertisements. While the typical arrangement of the advertisements we currently view on FB will most likely be available, they must develop customizable ad sizes just as Adsense enables its customers to use its platform match the content of the sites.
The Next Internet Gold RushMay we be longing for the next online gold rush? A lot people remember the good old days when you really could gather a fast landing page, just a landing page, and throw a great deal of cheap Google clicks and make a small fortune, or insert just the perfect computer error keyword on a direct connection and market a slew of Clickbank registry cleaners. When it’s going to probably look somewhat different this time around, those days might be upon us at the affiliate marketing world again soon.

This is going to be a gold rush both for advertisers and publishers since FB’so reach is some 500 million members and may be the most recognizable presence on the internet today, even exceeding that of Google. Hundreds of thousands of its own members are publishers or advertisers or could be if the process were a little easier. Using this client base, the procedure for rolling out the content platform to those interested in earning money with their content and those interested in additional marketing opportunities can be done within a matter of months.
For publishers there is also plenty of gold to be mined in a new content community, but it won’t be a simple matter to enter it is possible to be sure. It won’t be like the early days of Adsense where you can throw together a spammy website and slap Adsense on it and then boom, you’re makin’ teh currencies. Facebook will not let this happen. You can bet they will inspect every site which that you put their ads on. Start shining your content up today so it will seem appealing and appealing to people you are working to reach and your approval process should be easier.
The information appears to be somewhat sketchy right at the current time since I am only able to find a couple articles on the subject however, it just seems inevitable that this is exactly what Facebook would like to do with its own aims of world domination which may even exceed those of my affiliate director around at C2M.
This will definitely be a platform you are going to want to jump as soon as you are able to work out how to make it work and not sit and wonder what just passed you by. Get ready.