Think Vis Thanks

Once again in no particular order…

To everyone who’s been to Think Vis before, raved about it and persuaded me that a 650 mile road trip over the course of a weekend was going to be a great idea. You weren’t wrong!

To Dom and the whole Think Vis team for putting on exactly what affiliates want from a conference: Parties you can actually network at, sessions that are truly interesting/educational/inspirational, Guitar Hero, Giant Scalectrix, Pick and Mix (Genius!), no pushy network sales staff (again, holding it on a Saturday.. genius!).. and all for around a quarter of what other conferences charge! I tip my gold sparkly hat to you Dom 🙂

To Dave Naylor – For ripping the shit out of hand-reviewing one of my sites in his session. I managed to scribble down a couple of pages of quick fixes based on his suggestions, and will be cracking on making all the changes he suggested as soon as I’ve finished this post – I’m not going to be one of those who gets given loads of brilliant advice from one of the Industry’s top experts and then decides they know better (anyone who’s ever seen an episode of “Property Ladder” will be familiar with that sort of person), so I hope to catch up with Dave at Think Vis 6 in September having made all the changes and reaped the rewards!

To Zak Edwards from Prezzybox – For not knowing that by “submitting” his site on the Think Vis website, he was putting it forward for Dave’s critique as above – Cue some great banter/disagreements between the two, and much amusement for everyone else.

To Chris Clarkson for the brilliant (and now bordering on traditional affiliate fare) all-you-can-eat-meat-feast at Fazenda. It’s also nice to see that Chris is a big fan of UK city breaks such as this.

To Micky from Existem AM for babysitting duties on the Friday night (not that we gave you much choice!)

To Mark Boyd for keeping me stocked with pick and mix throughout the day, even if you have now got me banned from all Big Mouth programs for “cookie stuffing” 😉

To Paul Smith for giving what was for me the best session of the day. I didn’t make a single note during the time you were on stage, and can’t think of too much I can take away from a business perspective, but for me your session was just truly inspiring, and had me glued to my seat waiting on your every word. If I had to think of how I could transfer your session into a business lesson, it would be “sometimes you should just do cool stuff for the hell of it, and by putting your all into it and not being too serious, you can get some awesome momentum and have a shedload of fun too”

To all the other speakers too – There was only one session I saw that I was actually disappointed with, and that probably has as much to do with the fact I was expecting too much of it, but having done a couple of panels sessions myself at a4uexpo last year, I have a new found respect for anyone who has the balls to stand up on that stage and jabber away for 45 minutes, so I ‘d like to say a big thanks to all those who spoke, even if I didn’t get a chance to see their session.

To each and every person who attended – What makes Think Vis so much better than other conferences? Is it because it’s not in London? Is it because the network sales force aren’t there en masse? Is it because it doesn’t take itself too seriously? Is it because it’s a quarter of the price? Well yes, it’s all that, but so much more – it’s the people who DO go to Think Vis who make it what it is – they’re there because they love the Industry.. and it shows!

And to those who didn’t attend – Because you’d been out on the lash too much on the Friday night, so slept through the entire conference, recovering just in time to get back on the lash for Saturday night.. you know who you are!

To everyone else I’ve forgotten – And I know there’s loads of you.. But I was very drunk for most of the weekend.. and my memory isn’t very good at the best of times!

Who do YOU want to thank?