Traffic Sources Based On Experience

There are a ton of different traffic sources on the market you are able to run your affiliate advertising campaigns on and among the simplest things you can do would be entirely overwhelm yourself by trying to execute campaigns at all them at exactly the identical time.
I knowingly use Facebook Advertising to advertise this site, affLIFT, and most of the remainder of my projects. It’s been my most rewarding and long term traffic resource.

I suggest a budget of at least $500 for conducting campaigns on Facebook Advertising. This will allow you to test different campaign aims, develop info in your Facebook Pixel, start generating conversions, and retarget those who do not convert.

Bing Ads will not let you just copy and paste your affiliate link into your campaign and operate it. It’s among the huge challenges for someone fairly new to affiliate marketing, however it’s additionally reason this traffic supply is my 2nd degree (Sophomore) recommendation.
Even with the recent privacy issues in Facebook, the advertisement system is difficult to overcome and the crowd is enormous. There’s a ton of opportunity to make a good deal of money with affiliate supplies and Facebook Ads should you know what it is you’re doing, are individual, and correctly track and scale your attempts (yes, actually if direct linking).
Bing Ads has a excellent key word instrument built in you could use to locate awesome cheap keyword phrases. Make sure to monitor the keywords you’re getting clicks and clicks from so it is possible to try to optimize and enhance your own efforts. Bing states that 1 of every 3 searches done online is by their search. They’ve a good deal of traffic and there’therefore a whole lot of potential for very successful affiliate campaigns.
The maximum amount you’d spend on this campaign is $10 which means using a $50 budget, you could create 5 campaigns to get supplies that cover $2. This ought to be good enough to get a good deal of data which you can subsequently use to optimize your campaigns. If you receive a conversion inside your first batch of visitors (the 6 daily budget), I would revolve around attempting to optimize for traffic and possibly scale by incorporating more budget.
I think that it’s really vital that you choose a traffic source, then examine an spread of campaigns on this traffic supply, optimize your campaigns, and then scale till you reach a ceiling. If you setup campaigns onto a whole lot of different traffic resources at once you’re going to spread yourself too thin. Thus, what traffic resources do I suggest focusing on based on your own expertise as an affiliate marketer?
PropellerAds is a wonderful PPV traffic resource with multiple ad formats you can use to push a lot of traffic. They have great targeting and optimization choices as well as some intriguing pricing models.

If you are brand new to affiliate advertising I suggest”getting your feet wet” using PopAds. As soon as you have some experience setting up a campaign and you have a couple profitable PopAds campaigns running, then I suggest you provide Bing Ads a go.

The traffic quality will be a little different on Bing Advertising than it will likely probably be on PopAds. Bing Ads campaigns will likely get less traffic (at least initially) than that which you will see from PopAds and you’ll be spending a click on Bing Ads than you currently do per click (which is in fact a pop-up belief ) on PopAds. Keep these items in mind. I’d use exactly the identical 3-5x the payout because your financial plan (mentioned previously for PopAds) on Bing Advertising and then optimize and scale from the visitors you get from that budget.

I chose to utilize Facebook Ads as my visitors resource for the most “Mature ” affiliate marketers because it probably offers the very best traffic and scale from any of the additional traffic sources I typically recommend for affiliate advertising.
PPV visitors is enjoyable to work together and can be quite rewarding if done right. You’re paying for every single opinion along with your CPC will end up being a lot longer than what you’d pay on Bing Advertising, but you’re guaranteeing yourself a whole great deal of”clicks” along with a fantastic deal or landing page, so you are able to see a terrific ROI.
I’ve broken down your possible experience level into four unique levels. Here’s an explanation of every degree and one traffic source I suggest based on that degree.

I’ve 4 PropellerAds video courses on affLIFT. Check them out!

Keep in mind, these are my suggestions based on my experiences working together with my own publishers. You ought to check into different traffic sources on your personal computer, however these are the ones that I suggest.
I’ve worked with and continue to operate with affiliates producing tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on Facebook.

Being in a position to work with a selection of traffic sources and methods is what is going to enable you to create the most money possible and the ability to do that is completely determined by your expertise.

Once you get a campaign profitable on PopAds, you can readily scale along with other pop-up ad networks also like PopCash, ZeroPark, and TONIC.
Typically, you can start marketing on Bing with only $25. I suggest a budget of $100, but should you utilize this link to sign up for Bing Ads you may get a coupon code to get a $100 charge after you pay your first $25. This will provide you with an extra $100 to run offers and find lucrative campaigns.

To run a campaign on Bing Ads, you may either have to make an iFrame with your affiliate link in it or create your own custom landing page.
There’s a pretty large learning curve once you first begin affiliate marketing. You may lose money initially and I think it’s imperative that you know as much as possible while losing as little as you can, which I am sure most folks would concur with. The principal notions with any affiliate effort are establishing, optimizing, and scaling. The traffic source I believe makes this the simplest and has the smallest barrier of entrance would be PopAds.
PopAds has a very low minimum deposit of just $10. That means you may begin running advertisements with a tiny budget. The budget I personally recommend for getting started will be at least $50. In addition they have 4 excellent options for depositing funds in your advertising account:

Have a look at my direct linking Facebook Advertising video lesson: direct linking using PeerFly and Facebook Ads – BirdBong Example

Running campaigns isn’t as easy on Bing Ads because it’s on PopAds, however there’s a ton of potential to conduct lucrative campaigns on Bing Ads therefore it’s worth learning how to carry your affiliate marketing to another level.
It’s possible to spend that $50 quickly on PopAds. They’ve a enormous amount of traffic. You’re able to go through your budgets quickly so be sure you are smart with setting them.

Which traffic source is perfect for you?

Junior – PropellerAds

PopAds gives you a lot of options to optimize. Ensure you are tracking every variable possible so you can correctly optimize and scale your campaigns!

They’ve a rather low minimum deposit of just $100, but I urge a budget of at least $200 to actually take advantage of everything PropellerAds has to offer.

Freshmen (“Newbie”) – PopAds

Sign up for Bing Advertising here and get a $100 promo code emailed to you when you spend $25.
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I primarily conduct their Popunder and Push Notification traffic.
Based on your experience in online affiliate marketing, these 4 different traffic sources must help get you driving any traffic you’ll be comfortable with. PopAds is Pops, Bing Ads is Search, PropellerAds is currently PPV (Push Notification) or Pops, along with Facebook Ads is especially Social.

Sophomore – Bing Advertising

We have quite a bit of Bing Ads discussion going on in our Search discussion on affLIFT that you might find helpful as well.

Mature (“Super Affiliate”) – Facebook Advertising

When you’ve got multiple profitable campaigns in the visitors sources mentioned above and a larger budget, I would recommend you begin testing on a few of my favourite traffic sources, PropellerAds.

1 form of traffic that I have seen amazing results with for decades now is PPV traffic along with the source that I have recently begun focusing on with my PPV campaigns (besides PopAds mentioned previously ) is PropellerAds.

So, setup some campaigns, conduct a few traffic, and let us make some money!

I suggest setting up each PopAds campaign using a daily budget of 3x the deal payout and a entire budget of 5x the payout. As an example, in the event the offer payout is 2, you’d set your daily budget $6 and your total budget as $10.