Using your Social Media Powers for Good – By Ryan Zimmerman

That year he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma – a kind of cancer. Noah left his mark on my heart and many others. You see, he constantly thought of other individuals that despite him going through chemo and treatments. He started Noah’s Bandage Project, which allowed to donate non-boring and vibrant bandages.
This was his way of others, despite going through an disease that is unimaginable.
What transpired that the next 72 hours has been nothing short of a miracle.

I take the time to reach out to parents who have children going threatening ailments. I’m part of an initiative known as”Contact a Hero” where I ask who these kids see as their heroes, and then work to find a hold of them through social media and discuss their own story.

This was the fall of 2014 and my dear Kansas City Royals were headed to the World Series for the first time in 29 years. It was the year that I must understand Noah Wilson. Noah was a six year-old boy in my neighborhood.

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Amazingly enough, they had free tickets to each of the games, the Wilsons decided to devote a majority of the cash raised to purchase tickets to contribute to other households with kids facing terminal diseases.
Noah was a Royals fan that is large and also my very first thought got him. I texted Noah’s father and said”I’m going to get Noah into the World Series. I don’t have any idea , but I am likely to get it done.”

We are all internet marketers by commerce. We live this industry and breathe and eat. Use your abilities and knowledge and make a difference in somebody’s life.

I’ve been able to get autographs video calls, personal visits, television appearances, and much more for kids that are many just.

StubHub and major League Baseball reached out and provided Noah and his family tickets to attend the World Series games.
I’d Noah’s passion to push me and hope, although I had aspirations and little funds. That following morning I told his story began a GoFundMe to Noah and tweeted it out to everybody I could think of.

Today, Create a difference for somebody.
Have a moment and assess Twitter feeds and your Facebook and be open and receptive to individuals that are going through life and battling adversity. Life is too short to stand alone and let people struggle.
It took me and approximately 50 tweets to perform it. That’s it. I helped changed the life. I’m nothing special. It was a gesture that we are all capable of. We all.